Recording: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Lon Lon Ranch

Submitted Thu, 12/31/2009 - 19:12
by ladybug95 | View the tab

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OK, so this is my first recording. Also, I am still a beginner, so yes, some may think I did a really crappy. I really wanted to play this song because it is of the first guitar tab that I had ever made. I used a classical guitar (in which I just got yesterday so I am still getting used to it). Thank you and please enjoy! *Sorry about the bad audio, my computer doesn't record it very well*

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I think you did wonderfull. I

I think you did wonderfull. I wasnt able to play that as a beginner and neither make my own tab, you're full of potential. Audio isnt a issue in the video. Dont hesitate to ask if have any doubts about technique or anything so you can progress faster. And happy new year.

You did well for this song.

You did well for this song. a giant green a giant green music note in the left hand corner? It scares me.

Yeah you have potential for tabulating and playing a melody. Go slow and seek knowledge about the instrument, techniques, forms, and styles and much as possible. It will do nothing but expedite the process of improvement.

Ease up and try to lose that need to anchor down your right hand where you have to strum.

Music is relaxing after all.

Groovy! x)


Groovy! x)

Yeah very nice, being able to

Yeah very nice, being able to tab out a melody right away is quite amazing. Unless you're already familiar with playing other instruments and have developed some kind of hearing I guess XD

I'm not sure what surreal means with "anchoring down" but you should try and let your right hand "float" next to the strings by putting your lower arm (like, near the ellbow) on the guitar in stead of letting it hang over. It'll be more comfortable once you get used to it ^^

Anyway, nice playing! You should try out Breezy from FFVIII, great beginner's song :)

I hope it's alright if I lend

I hope it's alright if I lend a few pointers to a newbie, as I was not too long ago...

Firstly, the way you hold the guitar is very important. It's best to sit on the edge of you seat with the body of the guitar resting on your left leg, neck pointed up at an angle. Your right hand should be just behind the sound hole with your fingers relaxed and ready to play (not planted on the body of the guitar).

It's soooo very important to learn to play the right way as soon as possible, so you don't have to relearn and break bad habits later.

As for the performance, I thought it was great, especially considering your skill level.

You don't "have" to elevate

You don't "have" to elevate your left leg and put the guitar on it, that's just the classical position. I put it on my right leg and I can play fine. Just depends on what you feel is most comfortable for you really.

What kind of guitar is she

What kind of guitar is she playing there? I thought it looked like a classical. ;P

Just poking fun, but really, there's wisdom in playing "properly"!

I have an acoustic that I play upside down for all I care, but the classical is meant to be played a very particular way (for a reason). Now, playing simple things, you'll find little difference, but if you move up into some more advanced pieces, like Cavatina, Canon, or Ave Maria, for example, you'll find that proper technique makes playing far more fluid. This is coming from experience.

You don't have to play a

You don't have to play a classical in classical position. And you don't have to play a steel-string or an electric in casual position. I think that's all kind of silly!

But personally, I'd play all of the above in classical position, since I think it's better all around ;-)

Bah! Humbug. All you and your

Bah! Humbug. All you and your liberal guitarism. I'll be over here, sipping tea and listening to Bach. HURRUMP!


Yay Bach!!

Yay Bach!!

Style dictates position just

Style dictates position just as person dictates style.

I choose position according to comfort. For a song like Drifting by Andy Mckee, casual position is a must. For a song like Kabuki's latest arrangement with that big stretch in the end, classical position is where I have to be.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not traditionally taught nor trained, but in my experience, learning classical and casual positions alike gives the player the option rather than the command to play in only one form.

As I've said before, don't just learn one way to play, experiment with it. Everyone has different hand sizes and muscle strength in the end and what might be easier for you may not be for me.

Oh yeah, and by anchoring down I mean planting those fingers on the side of the guitar so your thumb doesn't lose its place. Your thumb or any of you fingers that are plucking the strings should be able to instinctively know where the strings are. Practice practice, heh.

That's very good for your

That's very good for your level! And you're already tabbing! I didn't start tabbing that soon! Very great job and stick with it!