Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Who are you?

Submitted Tue, 08/21/2012 - 15:53
by iamHoustonian | View the tab

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I've been playing FF7 recently from a save on an old lost memory card I found. It's right before "The Reunion" scene with Cloud and Sephiroth. Took some of the pictures myself :P

Actually got this one recorded first try with no "interruptions".
Like 5 secs after I finished I heard my roommate flush the toilet on my headphones hahaha.

I really need a proper delay pedal. I had to use the effect knob on my little Marshal amp. It worked pretty good but I would like to have more control over the delay. Enjoy ;-)

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Tone, delay and playing are


Tone, delay and playing are perfect, maybe you should make a little arrangement because it's a bit borring ^^'

Hehe thanks. I was actually

Hehe thanks. I was actually thinking of meshing two FF7 songs together. Still in the experimental stages :)

Nice job :-D Creepy


Nice job :-D Creepy song.

Don't let me dissuade you from doing arrangements, but let me just say I like this recording the way it is!

You can also do delay with a computer or rack-mount effects box, if you want it after the amp. (It sounds pretty different before/after the amp!) You can pick up a tc m300 pretty cheap :-D

:-) Thanks. I like this

:-) Thanks. I like this recording too because it sounds close to the original.

I'm tinkering with a mesh between the Shinra Company theme and this eerie tune.

That thing looks pretty cool. I've been looking at the Boss DD-3 and the older model Digitech Jamman for loops. xB
I need mo' $$$ haha

I've had the itch to play FF7


I've had the itch to play FF7 for a few weeks, now it has grown to a burning lust that must be quenched.

Great job, very fitting Shoots to fit it to as well. I'm looking forward to your arrangement!

By arrangement it could be


By arrangement it could be just add some chords sur the 2nd half of the song... Anyway, being as close as possible to the original song is great !

Make me think we can make a huge gametabs projet, a bit like OCremix to make a "CD" of arrangement or cover really close as the original... Anyway :D

iamHoustonian, your cover could really goes in aFF7 OST remastred :D

This is great Josh!


This is great Josh!