Recording: Final Fantasy IX - You're not Alone [not the same cover as the one above]

Submitted Sat, 04/30/2016 - 23:21
by hashel

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Please check out my awesome collab buddies:
- 130Grit Sound Studio:
- Draskon:
- Kain White:

Sorry for the sync issues in the video i had some problems with the rendering and the deadline was too close...

Draskon was searching for collab buddies, so Andrew and myself joined :D After a few talk we picked this iconic song from FFIX. While I was working on the arrangement i had the idea to add some acoustic guitar and i checked Kain's videos and asked him to come aboard, he nicely accepted and his recent mandolin videos gave me some ideas ^^
It's an amazing experience to work with people that can play so well instruments i'm can't play cause it opens many possibilities and ideas for the arrangement.

I hope you'll like our electro ambiant prog rock cover of this theme :D