Recording: Mario Kart 64 - Toad's Turnpike

Submitted Wed, 12/20/2017 - 16:18
by hashel

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Here is my Toad's Turnpike cover from Mario Kart 64 OST. I made this track for the Pixel Mixers album "Rhythm Raceway", you can download this song and the full album here, for free:

This is one of my favourite work in 2017, i'm really happy of how it came out (even if still not 100% happy about it). I really wanted to emphasise the chill side of the song by slowing it down and using some mellow synth tones.

Spent a lot of time trying different kind of VSTs, there are a lot of layers in that track to try to really fill the sound =)

I ofc thrown a bit of guitar here and there, and also, slap bass!
Hope you'll like what i did with that song!

Original music composed by Kenta Nagata