Recording: Final Fantasy - Recurent Themes

Submitted Sat, 08/14/2010 - 09:44
by hashel

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Yup here is a few medley of the recurent themes in the FF serie !

1) Prelude (Crystal Theme)
2) Opening (Final Fantasy Theme)
3) Chocobo's Theme
4) Fanfare (Victory Theme)

I hope some of you'll enjoy it =$

PS: it's my last video before mid September, see you soon :)

6 comments on Recurent Themes

I fell in love with your

I fell in love with your Prelude.

Wow ^^ thanks so much

Wow ^^ thanks so much héhé^^

I like the delay setting on this one, i don't play it to fast, i think this song have to be sweet (and not shreded uhuh...) I'm really happy that you love my way to play it :D

Indeed, it had to be sweet

Indeed, it had to be sweet !!!
I only love sweet women ^^

Very good medley man,


Very good medley man, congrats!

thanks for listening :)

thanks for listening :)