Recording: Final Fantasy 1 - Matoya's Cave

Submitted Sat, 10/23/2010 - 06:35
by hashel

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Hey poeple ! i'm not dead :p

here is my new cover (maybe not the definitive version) from FF1, the juicy matoy'as cave (heel yhea).

I play the most part of the song with a low tempo, it's question of taste, i play it with the normal tempo at the end.

i' wonder if th transition between the slow and fast part is good and if the rythm distortion guitar is good too.
I don't have really good sound from my headphone (i'll buy a good one soon^^) and my ear is not as good as many of you here ^^

Thank You for listening

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I think both tempos sound


I think both tempos sound fine, but there could be a smoother transition between the two.
I'm really bad at those transitions myself so I can't really offer any advice, but overall it sounds good!