Recording: Donkey Kong Country - Life in the Mines

Submitted Wed, 07/22/2015 - 12:08
by hashel

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2nd cover in 2 days :D This one is for the 2nd "Cover Challenge" on gametabs, the theme is "Rare Games" and was picked by Swiggles1987.
I chose this song cause i felt in love with DonutDrums cover and it also became a running gag with Michelle Heafy ^^
I used many Guitar Pro 6 synth VST i think they sound really good and really 80s :D
"Life... life... life in the mines... i know it's a hard life... but it's mine !"
~Lyrics by Michelle Heafy~
Also i added few notes from a song i really love from Dream Theater, who can guess it? :p