Recording: Final Fantasy 1 - Gurgu Volcano

Submitted Tue, 10/26/2010 - 15:42
by hashel | View the tab

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Here is my new cover from FF1, Gurgu Volcano :D
This song is also in FFIX ^-^

Lady Auriplane made a tab of the SNES version, here is my interpretation of it. I slowed down the tempo to 120.

The rythm guitar have a clean sound with a little chorus, i hesitated a long time for the tone of the lead guitar, i chose a distortion with little delay.

was it the good choice? ^^'

2 comments on Gurgu Volcano

Omg Hashel is back ! My

Omg Hashel is back ! My eternal rival !
I Have to make new video >.<"
Just kidding. Nice video.

Heyhey ^^ yhea you have to

Heyhey ^^ yhea you have to cover something from FF1 :p

and ty :)