Recording: Secret of Mana - Fear of the Heavens

Submitted Fri, 11/02/2018 - 06:26
by hashel

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Finally uploading my version of "Fear of the Heavens", also known as "Angel's Fear".
Sadly i'm not really in the mood to make a full video of me playing, but that's the music that matters, right?

For this cover i really wanted to experiment and mix bunch of different styles!
While having most of the melody played by acoustic guitar, i wanted to add an "electro" twist to it.

Added some panned Rhodes to give depths, an acid electro bass and some 808 EDM drums-ish. Then i had A LOT of fun with the electric guitar lead, i've added some vocoder to it to give it that kind of "funky" wah wah-ish sound.

Few ambient sections too, with lots of reverb and some reversed notes and some subtle tremolo picking drown into reverb and delay to give a kind of ethereal feeling.
Then the original song ends on that climax, so to fit that part i just went a bit more aggressive with the percussions, more electric tones, some power chords with acoustic guitar and voila!

It's clearly one of my favourite work, i hope you guys will appreciated it too =)
Original song by: Hiroki Kikuta

You can download this track and our full Secret of Mana album here, for free: