Recording: Final Fantasy III - Eternal Wind

Submitted Wed, 03/16/2011 - 12:00
by hashel | View the tab

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An other one !
I recorded it 2 days ago but the resulat was really baaad, so i did a new one :)
I thinks it's better and the tones sound nice to me BUT i wish i could put more "feeling" or "emotions" in that song...

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Nice hashel (as always) It


Nice hashel (as always) It sounds really calm and nice! I like how you added that delay :)

I used a sound setting that i

I used a sound setting that i created for Dorga & Une, when i recorded it i duplicated the track and made a little shift and with stereo effect, 1st track 100% on the right and the 2nd 100% on the left...
It's a little trick oftenly used in music i think, i discovered it with the solo from Money by Pink Floyd (my favourite band ever)

thanks for the compliment ^^

Yeah, you can do that, though

Yeah, you can do that, though it usually sounds better if you actually record it twice.

That's what i did on the dist

That's what i did on the dist part, 2 recordings, 1st with the nec mic and the 2nd with the bridge mic ^^

Sounds great, nice choice of


Sounds great, nice choice of tone

The background of the

The background of the original song doesn't go at all like that. Is it supposed to be an arrangement? I was going to paste how the background part goes, but I decided to transcribe the original and just make a tab:

Nice job, though :-)

Well, i didn't find any tab

Well, i didn't find any tab or piano sheet with the synth rythm part =/ so i used a midi file from ...
I personaly like the drums part ^^' and you?
Maybe i can use your version as backing and add drums and play the main melody and bass line like you, and the main melony like in my version to make a kind oh harmony?

Well, that MIDI is someone's

Well, that MIDI is someone's arrangement. It's not how the original song goes, so if you play that, you're not playing the original song. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

You can, of course, do whatever you like with my tab, including ignoring it :-) I just wanted to let you know how the song goes.

Yhea there are differents

Yhea there are differents versions, don't know the difference between the NES version and the Ds one (exepte the sounds quality, of course).

Anyway, i know your busy with your friend's game for now but, in he futur or anytime, whould it be possible to do a kind of collab, i mean you record the bass line and i do guitar part (maybe with a third person) ... :$

That would sounds better than with a midi soundtrack or with my 1oct down guitar effect xD

(of course, i'll work harder to play the song correctly) But maybe it's only for Juja ^^

(If somone else read this, i'll have fun to do a collab with anyone ^^')

It's also not how the DS one

It's also not how the DS one goes. It's an arrangement.

The DS one is also an arrangement, but it's a different arrangement :-) The bassline on the DS is identical to the Famicom version, except that it adds an octave effect to the bass at 36 seconds in until the end, AND adds two notes in measure 26. If you look at my tab, change the last measure of Part C:

G |----------2-----|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D |--------------3-|------------3---|----------------|22----22--------|
A |55----55--------|55----55--5-----|44----44--4---5-|----------------|
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

to this:

G |----------2-----|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D |--------------3-|------------3---|----------------|22----22------2-|
A |55----55--------|55----55--5-----|44----44--4---5-|----------5-----|
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

And you've got the DS bassline, sans octave effect. (Also, my tab's technically an octave down; so you could say the NES is an octave above my tab the whole time, and the DS one is an octave above for the first half.)

The melody is identical on the DS, but it uses strings.

The background is roughly the same on the DS, but it's split up between flute and harp parts, with each part dropping SOME of the notes while the other plays them; it's also got a change in measure 26 (E F# instead of D E at the beginning), and a rather major change for all of parts C and D in the harp part, to accompany the flute.

. . . Oh, this is getting way too complex for a comment. I'll just make another tab.

*time passes*

Here we are!

I'll play bass for you, since

I'll play bass for you, since that only takes a few minutes, but I'm too lazy to program drums or such :-)

Yhea great Tab :D i'll do a

Yhea great Tab :D i'll do a new recording with it :)clean part 1 octave down, like i did, and dist part like your tab + drums.

If it's doesn't take too much of your time, i'd like to have a bass recording from you :) i'll add it with audacity :D

At what BPM? 120?

At what BPM? 120?

yep :) 1st time i do a kind

yep :)
1st time i do a kind of collab, that makes me happy ~~

EDIT: are you going to do the 2 lines or only the normal one ?

Oh, I was thinking I'd just

Oh, I was thinking I'd just play some stuff that went with the song. Like, first time around, I'd play the actual tab, and the second time around, I'd play some stuff. :-)

okay do as you wish :) i

okay do as you wish :) i can't wait to hear it ^^
rightnow i'm trying to record The Last Battle, it's tricky >.<

Okay, I recorded some bass.

Okay, I recorded some bass. There's a count-in (four clicks) from the drum machine at the beginning, then two measures of silence (while the background thingy plays), then the bass comes in. Juja and I usually put that count-in measure in when we record and send stuff to each other, then we remove the clicks before the final version.

I need more practice @_@; It should hopefully be good enough to use though :-)

I'm assuming you're going to add drums in the second half again, so I made up something with that in mind.

thanks So Much :D Up the

thanks So Much :D

Up the Snails __@_!!

i really like this *_*


i really like this *_*

thanks :D

thanks :D