Recording: Les Chroniques de l'Edell - Edell's Chronicles OST PART 2 (Original Songs)

Submitted Thu, 11/21/2013 - 20:23
by hashel

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5 new songs i've made for my amateur game :)
Everything is composed by me with guitar and bass and arranged on Guitar Pro 6 !

So, the tracklist is :

00.00 : Ginsah's Theme
02.59 : Hashel's Theme
06.26 : Airship !
09.20 : Main Theme
12.36 : Soña's Theme

For now there are 4-5h of gamplay in my game ^^

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If this is Guitar Pro 6 pure


If this is Guitar Pro 6 pure sound - than it sounds like a miracle!!! I realy like your music and sound of it! It inspires me to make my own game (I dream to make it sometime, but I'm far from composing something good). Thank you a lot! Great! Great! GREAT!!!
P.S. I only don't like sound of trumpet in last track, i mean GP6 RSE sound for it (and for violin and some others) is untuned and dissonant. I beilive, in newer version of GP they will make it better.

Thanks so much :) Yes it's

Thanks so much :)

Yes it's pure GP6 sound ! You can make orchestral tracks sound better with reverb, compressor, more accentuation etc.

My songs are most of the time really simple.
Articipating to some tune contest here helped me a lot and hearing people works too :)