Recording: Final Fantasy 6 - Dancing Mad

Submitted Sun, 09/13/2015 - 18:29
by hashel

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This one took soooo long! We went trough issues and we were demotivate at some points but we did it ! :D Dancing Mad is maybe the best work of Nobuo Uematsu and the final boss theme from FF6.
Sadly you won't see me during tier3 cause i have some personal problems lately and i'm not in the mood for guitar ^^'
It was such a crazy experience to work with all those talented people and i hope i'll re work on a big song like that for a future collab!
Hashel05 - Guitar
GreatJuja - Bass guitar
Korpikopan - Keyboard
Lord Bif Music - Drums & video editing:
Vled Tapas - Choir
Lauren the Flute - Choir
SwigglesRP - Mixing

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Yehaaa :D

Yehaaa :D

Huh I totally missed you guys

Huh I totally missed you guys posting this, odd because I was really looking forward to it . Fantastic work to all who contributed especially given how long the entire song is...

Suprised you guys didn't animate in Life magic on Hashel during Tier 3 but oh well. :)

life magic? :o

life magic? :o

Because you vanished during


Because you vanished during Tier 3 it kind of seemed like Kefka killed you and they needed to resurrect you with life. lol

Oh, okay XD Glad you enjoyed

Oh, okay XD
Glad you enjoyed it =)