Recording: Final Fantasy 4 - Dancing Doll Calcobrena

Submitted Sat, 07/10/2010 - 07:14
by hashel

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A really original them, à love it so much :)
here i play rythm part with my Synth, bass line with 1 octave down guitar.
i really enjoy the melody, it's a bit tricky but it's a real pleasur to play it ^^

i hope you lite it :)

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3/5, what doesn't works ?

3/5, what doesn't works ?

someone voted 3/5, someone

someone voted 3/5, someone voted 5/5 and someone voted 2/5 and nobody tells why :(

I voted 5/5 :) Good job

I voted 5/5 :) Good job hashel.

I also voted 5, I think the


I also voted 5, I think the playing is perfect, this is one of your better ones for sure.

Oh that's an "old" video ^^

Oh that's an "old" video ^^ at this time i made 2 or 3 coevrs by day so te quality was not really good... but i still enjoy this one... i think my play on guitar, bass and synth are good... anyway when i'll finished my ff3 covers i'll do a new one for this and will see which is better ^^

and Thanks^^