Recording: Guild Wars 1 & 2 - Crystal Desert

Submitted Sun, 01/14/2018 - 21:54
by hashel

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The original song was composed by Jeremy Soule for the amazing game: Guild Wars.
This songs also had an orchestral version for the season 2 of the living world in it's sequel: Guild Wars 2.
And is now in the (way cooler than HoT) extension: Path of Fire
This place (the crystal desert) was by far my favourite place in the game, great sandy spaces with this really ambient music, it was kind of heavenly when you first walked in the Oasis and this paradise in the middle of the desert =)

- Hashel: arrangement, mix, lead guitars, rhythm synth, additional guitars
- Omabroodje: tab, bass, flute synth chords, ebow guitar