Recording: Medievil - Cemetery Hill

Submitted Wed, 11/04/2015 - 21:28
by hashel

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Hey i'm back after one month of break ^^
This is my 1st entry for the Pixel Mixers "Horror Album" (
This song is from a game dear to my heart, i had so much fun with it when i was teenager and so many great memories comes with it :) It was on PS1 and the song is from the Cemtery Hill level, composed by Paul Arnold and Andrew Barnabas.

I had much fun doing it, it's a bit late but let's say it's my Halloween cover of the year ^^

2 comments on Cemetery Hill

Nice work. Medievil was one

Nice work. Medievil was one of the best games from my childhood ;)

Me too, so many great

Me too, so many great memories ^^
Happy you enjoyed my work on it :)