Recording: Castlevania Bloodlines - Calling From Heaven

Submitted Thu, 01/26/2012 - 10:13
by hashel | View the tab

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Hello this is a cover of the Naoto Shibata's arrangement for the album "Perfect Selection Dracula Battle I"

I'm really busy thoses times so i can't really work on my guitar stuffs sorry =/

The backing and the tab were made by DSheltonator

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thanks awsome man :p

thanks awsome man :p

oh man! I LOVE those cds!

oh man! I LOVE those cds! Great Cover!

WOW!! awesome song + awesome


WOW!! awesome song + awesome work... Thats just... AWESOME!!

Holy smokes... YES! I love


Holy smokes... YES! I love this song. It is so beautiful, even on guitar and it doesn't help that the church organ makes it even more epic. Very great job with this cover.

Ahahah Thanks :D Holy Smoke !

Ahahah Thanks :D
Holy Smoke !

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