Recording: Zelda Twilight Princess - Midna's Lament

Submitted Mon, 10/03/2011 - 05:10
by GuitarFailKid | View the tab

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I wasn't going to upload this here, but after speaking with Juja. I thought i'd show him what I was trying to achieve with his tab. I hope everyone thinks it's ok, I wish I spent more time perfecting the mixing side of it, I'm happy with how I played it but the mixing is the only things letting it down. I didn't hit any dud notes or anything.

Thank you again for the tab Juja, it's pretty awesome.

Edit: ohhh I also didn't realise I am playing it that much slower than the original. next time I do a video I will actually listen to the proper version a couple of times lol.

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WOW awesome job man!!


WOW awesome job man!!

Thank you so much, I "really"

Thank you so much, I "really" appreciate your kind words.

On that note. I've watched a bunch of your videos now and I am getting more and more impressed with your work. I really think you are going to be so amazing one day, You are amazing now!, I'm learning from watching you. I'll have to study your tabs and find out a few tricks.

So yeah, I'll sub you on utube for sure. Thank you for watching. and commenting :)

Hey no problem! I might


Hey no problem! I might actually do a cover of this because your version is so sweet :) You've inspired me haha :) Also thanks for the sub! I'm super glad that I'm kinda an inspiration for you :D Sorry I don't have to many tabs yet haha, I like to learn by ear, but I'm too lazy to write the tab! I'd LOVE to hear more from you soon :)

I think you did a great job

I think you did a great job with the mixing and the effects. I don't think it sounds too slow either, its nice and droning, you know?
Keep up the good work C:

captures the original feel.


captures the original feel. Tone was just right.

Good job.

I love twilight princess and


I love twilight princess and this song captures the bleak, depressing, but also hopeful feel of the game. Great job!!!!