Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Great Warrior

Submitted Mon, 12/28/2009 - 07:42
by GuitarFailKid | View the tab

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Hello people.

I had recorded this months and months ago but I really didn't feel like uploading it because I didn't want to do kabukibear's tab any injustice, today I thought (Why not upload and see what happens)

Critisism is welcome, if it will help me play better then please.

This is my first recording at this brilliant website might I add, hopefully I'll be able to contribute somewhat soon when I get better, as of now I cannot tab by ear! I'm so bad at it.

Hope you like it, thanks for watching :)

EDIT: Oh I forgot to say that I didn't follow kabukibear's tab 100% some parts were too hard for me at the time. And if kabukibear ever gets around to seeing this then thank you once again for this awesome tab. I always look out for your tabs! I learn a lot from them!

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Nice job, don't be afraid to


Nice job, don't be afraid to branch out and take that leap onto playing with your fingers. It's hard enough trying to play fingerstyle pieces with a pick and not hybrid picking.

You're putting yourself at a bit of an advantage there.

Nevertheless, nice job.

Thanks for watching! I have a

Thanks for watching!

I have a lot of questions about hybrid picking or fingerpicking so im going to make a thread about it in a mo.

Curious though, in what way do I have an advantage with my way of playing? :)

thx for the comment and rating

Heh, that was a typo on my

Heh, that was a typo on my part. I meant to say "disadvantage," my bad.