Recording: Donkey Kong 64 - Crystal Caves

Submitted Tue, 04/29/2014 - 17:53
by ForestMarth | View the tab

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Thanks a lot to A Dead Fly for the awesome arrangement !!! :D

I recorded it in the Crystal Caves so the sound quality is pretty bad... and cavernous ;)
Actually, I didn't succeed in avoiding that amp's constant sound (I never dare to use a noise gate, it always seems to me that it kills the amp's original sound).

Although A Dead Fly's arrangement is awesome, I've preferred to change here and there some of the fingerings in order to play it in an easier way from my point of view. I've written my modifications in a .tg file (I've written "Guitar 1" or "Guitar 2" above the bars where I changed the fingerings for the guitar 1 or the guitar 2), if someone is interested :

Crystal Caves CHANGED