Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Birth of a God

Submitted Thu, 03/04/2010 - 17:23
by eternity777 | View the tab

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Hello everyone!

I'm a long time visitor to the site, and just decided to post something. This song is still very hard for me, and I make a couple of glaring errors, but for some reason I really wanted this song to be my first submission.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to Kabukibear for tabbing this wonderful piece.

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Good shot of this song There


Good shot of this song

There something weird in your left hand , that make me nervous ( like your hand and fingers moving too much ) xddd... it's weird

I try and play classical but

I try and play classical but I have no training! So I'm sure I make many technical mistakes, but I'm slowly getting better.

It was also my first vg

It was also my first vg submission ^^

Great job! I know how hard


Great job! I know how hard this one is (which is why I haven't recorded it HA!)

What I would like to see more from you is a little more control. Your fingers will eventually get all the notes, that's just a matter of repetition but what I want you to look at when watching this video is, try and see how frantic the playing is. It looks almost like the guitar is ready to fly out of your hands at any moment and you're hanging on for dear life. I tensed up watching it and I wasn't even the one playing! Hehe, so there are a few things I'd like you to try. These are mostly technical aspects of your playing that should, once you get used to them, let you focus on the music itself, more so then battling the guitar to get it to do what you want.

One, it looks like you have the guitar sitting on your right knee. I want you to try setting it in your lap. You may need to bring your right foot under your left foot to raise your left knee up a little, or if you can find something like a box to set your left foot on like a stand, all the better. There are a couple reasons for this. It brings the guitar more in front of you rather than having your right arm kind of pushed out to your right side. This relieves a lot of tension in your shoulder. Also, it will keep the guitar more stable. The less the neck moves around, the better. And finally, it will bring the guitar neck up closer to your head. This causes less stress on the left hand and will allow it to put only the pressure needed to press the strings.

This leads me to my next point, be aware of where your left thumb is at all times, try and keep it under the neck, more in the middle of the back of the neck. You see in the video, it poking out here and there and this is not something you want with a classical guitar. The neck is too wide, you need to have those fingers arched up using the thumb as a support. I noticed there is a lot of string bending when you are playing and this is partly to blame for that. Because your thumb isn't there to support your hand, your are clamping down with your fingers and your palm, causing the strings to push sideways. So get those fingers arched up higher so you come more straight down on your fingertips. I think once you get the position of the guitar and your thumb straight, it should help the bending because you won't have to use as much force to push the strings in and it will at least come in mostly straight down rather than sideways.

Lastly, and this is more a personal preference, if you don't want to grow your nails out a little, consider moving your right hand a little closer to the sound hole. Without nails the sound will sound more tinny and weak and the further you move from the sound hole the more pronounced this gets. It does look like you are good enough and play with enough power to think about higher tension strings. It will probably brighten up your sound but just by watching your strings it looks like you are playing with enough force to warrant considering them. The guitar sounds like it has fairly low action and you combine that with forceful playing, medium tension strings, and no nails and you are heading towards a more "slap bass" sound.

Anyway, definitely a solid effort and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. :)

Kabuki, thank you. I knew my

Kabuki, thank you. I knew my posture was wrong--now I know how to fix it! And I hadn't even considered the thumb point. I kept hearing the string bending but was unsure as to what was causing it.

I'll put the advice into action ASAP. Thank you for watching, and taking the time to comment so thoroughly, and for arranging the tab in the first place!

Please don't take this

Please don't take this comment anything other than it is intended as: constructive criticism... I know hearing this kind of stuff can be a bit disheartening, but if you take it in you can develop yourself into a much better guitarist in the long run :)

You really seem to be sacrificing accuracy for speed in this, and it really shows unfortunately. I'm going to be completely honest with you here and say that I'd rather see a more relaxed, more accentuated, more accurate, but slower tempo version than a fast version that does not meet the previous criteria. Ironically, this is the best way to get to playing faster. If you start off slow, you keep it slow and perfect until it is ingrained into your muscle memory 100%. THEN you take it to the next level and increase speed.

It can be frustrating, I know... I've learned things at 25% tempo increasing at 5% steps.. which takes quite a long time if you can imagine XD. However, if starting at 25% is necessary to learn something properly, then that is what is necessary. In this case, sticking to the tempo you have currently will probably do you more harm than good and may potentially burn in some poor/improper technique. I'd try taking down the tempo a notch to maybe 75% and playing at that until you have it down perfect, and then bumping the tempo up 5-10%. Rinse and repeat.

Also, Kabuki's advice on technique is pretty capital, so make sure to take that to heart and don't forget it XD.

Noted. Of course it's

Noted. Of course it's constructive! When I read your first sentence I was afraid it was going to be something like "you're terrible." :P

I have a very bad habit of NOT ingraining things in muscle memory. I'll work on it.

Nate, the next thing you see from me on here will be more relaxed, more accentuated, AND more accurate!


Awesome! I'd like to see

Awesome! I'd like to see that! I'd also like to see a take 2 of this one someday to be honest XD. Give yourself some time and don't delete this one, though! You've got it down pretty well for the most part, but I can see that with the right direction, you can squeeze quite a bit more from this lol. I've refrained from rating this video (not that I would have rated it horribly or anything), as it seems you were a little eager in getting the video out. If the next version is really any cleaner than what you have now (forget tempo as long as it is constant throughout), it would be a 5 in my book. It'd be a nice compare and contrast for yourself as well :).

I am glad that you are open to constructive criticism... some people seem like they aren't, and that is unfortunate. This mindset will probably be one of the biggest contributing factors to you learning how to become a better guitarist at a much faster rate :).

Also, I'd like to point out that just the fact that you can play this all way through is quite an accomplishment... Kabuki made one beast of an arrangement XD.

Man it's a total circle jerk


Man it's a total circle jerk in here.

Great job man.

Hahahaha xD surreal.. anyway,

Hahahaha xD surreal..
anyway, good job on the song dude! If you take into account all the technique advice given you will have this song on lockdown. Good job! You say you are kinda

4 You say you are kinda bad, imagine me! Anyway, awesome try. As mentioned, i also noticed the thumb. Chop it off! jk. =]