Recording: Gothic 3 - Vista Point

Submitted Sun, 07/08/2012 - 17:31
by Bhael | View the tab

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Best track of the game ♥


Best track of the game ♥



Is the guitar plugged ? the

Is the guitar plugged ? the sound seems very electrical, I 'm not fan of this kind of rendering with nylon chords.. I imagine it sounds much better "in live"

Nope, the sound's natural.

Nope, the sound's natural. But yeah, it's a more balanced sound in real life :)

Actually, you're the first

Actually, you're the first person to give a negative opinion of my tone. Could you be more specific about what's wrong with the sound?

I love your tone. It's

I love your tone. It's beautiful.

The only thing about it that sounds unnatural to me is the stereo field, like it's artificially wide. It sounds a little bit like it's wrapped around my head, with a hole in the center. My best guess is that you stereo close mic. Is that right?

What if you used a mono mic up close, and mic'ed the room with a stereo pair further out to get the room sound? My guess is it would sound more like a real stereo field.

Thanks auri! Yup, you guess

Thanks auri!

Yup, you guess correct. You're also dead right about the stereo field, which is worse in this recording than my others. I hadn't quite put my finger on it but what you say makes a lot of sense.

I'll experiment with your suggestion. I only have 2 low volume mics and a Zoom H4n, but I'll see what I can do. Either way I can probably fill that hole. Ta!

A stereo recording for one

A stereo recording for one instrument is probably more difficult, and probably not necessary. Anyway it's not the subject which I would to talk about

I mean to say I liked yr last recordings except this one which seems different. Well in my hears its sounds too "metallic" to be a natural sound of nylon guitar, as I can play myself at home.

But if yr guitar was unplugged, well I m asking why ? -_-'
I didn't noticed that on yr last videos, so there is probably because something is different (or my hears damaged :)

I can see wich your right hand is very close to the bride, it can give this kind of metallic sound. Is this effect can be amplified by the numeric recorder ? The position of microphone is important too, it must be in front of the 12th bars for nylon guitar, I can't see it in your video - if the micro is placed front of the 1th bar, I imagine the metallic effect can be worst - do you remind where it was ?

when I hear another recording as this one & compare between these two videos, u can hears than the sound is much more nylon guitar.
And this time I can see than your right hand is far from bridge + micro in the middle) so all conditions to obtain a soft sound as nylon guitar & how I prefer :D
Also maybe your position & orientation in the room is different so the sound must be different.
Also maybe preamplifier/recorder preset are changed ? Are u apply a digital processing effect (reverb, chorus or others) ?
If u changed chords the sound is for sure very metallic : I hate new chords and I'm always very disgusted when I broke one chord because after replacement by a new one : then during days all my chords sounds very sweet except this damned chord -_-'

well well recording a nylon guitar is very complex, I'll want to try to record me to check if I can find recover the nylon sound. but all this complexity doesn't motivate me to buy the hardware to record, anyway I'm probably not enough good, next year I must be ok :D

Probably it exists web pages to explain that differences, and explain differences between methods of recording , I haven't this knowledges myself, I just hear & appreciate the differences.

Hoping it can help to understand my feelings

Haha if you said 'metallic'

Haha if you said 'metallic' to begin with I would have understood! I'm aware I played closer to the bridge in this one - it was me overcompensating for the position of the capo, which itself changes the tone if you pluck in the same position as you would without the capo. I agree that it doesn't sound as nice, but it does give more single note clarity - which is something this arrangement needs. If I played it in my normal position the notes wouldn't have mixed as well, but I agree it was too far down.

As for mic position, it depends on the guitar and the sound of the player. Most classical guitarists seek a more treble heavy tone than myself, so it's no surprise that they don't want a mic close to the soundhole. In other arrangements I might have the mic further up the neck, but generally just above the soundhole is the ideal spot for me. Also note that my mics are not great quality, so to get a full sound I need them close to the source of the sound. Otherwise, their bad volume would not pick up what I'm hearing.

Oh, and that Dragon Age 2 recording has the mic in a similar position, just further away. I'm also playing in a different part of the room - which produces a clear sound, but I've had trouble getting warmer tones from there :). Anyway, thanks for your explanation - and I look forward to hearing your recordings!

Thanks too for the details u

Thanks too for the details u gave me, it's interesting to learn things about recording, it s a difficult science.
Well When i ll try myself to record, I hope I ll can match this sweet nylon LeonBloy sound :

[this guy is my guitar hero :D ]