Recording: Diablo - Tristram

Submitted Mon, 04/11/2011 - 16:26
by Bhael | View the tab

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Sorry for any mistakes, this was quite a tricky piece :)

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Amazing. 2:35 on is just so



2:35 on is just so much win.

Bhael es #1.


Thank you Bhael! I've just


Thank you Bhael!

I've just created an account at to tell you that's the best interpretation I've heard.
I've been looking for a single 6-string guitar tab for quite some time and found some good transcriptions, but not a single one I could say: "That's IT! That's how I know Tristram!".
I've tried some parts of your last tab and it sounds awesome!

I'm checking some other tabs from your profile and I have to praise you: Keep up the great work!