Recording: Final Fantasy VII - Lifestream

Submitted Sun, 05/28/2017 - 03:55
by Bhael | View the tab

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Loved the dynamics of your

Loved the dynamics of your playing and how you arranged the song, if I had any criticism it was that the main melody was a too quite near the start.

Other than that spectacular job sir.

Cheers I appreciate it : )

Cheers I appreciate it : ) And yeah that first section was quite tricky!

Holy flying moogle babies.


Holy flying moogle babies. Shit is getting real up in gametabs where have I been

Bhael you're British right?


Bhael you're British right? If I go to Britain can I room with you and jam guitar (I'm poor this won't happen)

Hah, yeah that's right - let

Hah, yeah that's right - let me know if you're ever in the north of England!

That was amazing!!!

That was amazing!!!

Thank you!

Thank you!