Recording: Touhou - Touhou Project Medley

Submitted Mon, 07/28/2014 - 16:16
by Bessem

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00:00 Vessel of stars ~ Casket of stars
01:12 Mystical love consultation
01:26 Hakurei shrine grounds
01:52 The positive and the negative
02:12 Broken moon
02:40 Because princess inada is scolding me
03:06 Sleeping terror
04:00 Vanishing dreams ~ a lost dream
04:15 Sepetett for the dead princess
05:02 Bloom nobly, Ink-black cherry blossom ~ Border of life
05:36 The capital city of flowers in the sky
06:06 Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble
07:24 Necrofantasia

3 comments on Touhou Project Medley

That was freakin' amazing!


That was freakin' amazing! Excellent work!

Please do more


Please do more

i'm trying to do more but

i'm trying to do more but it's not easy at all
in this medley most of songs are in Am
i have others that i play in Bm or Fm i'ts not evident to make them consistent