Recording: Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved

Submitted Sun, 02/09/2014 - 13:24
by awesomeman321

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Hey everyone! This week I covered Dearly Beloved from kingdom heart. I used Jules backing track for this because I like his arrangement but I rerecorded all the parts except bass and put them on top of it. This is the second last time I will be using a backing track ever (any guesses on what the last one might be?). It's more fun to make my own arrangements. Anyways I 'm pretty happy with how this one turned out except the solo could have been a lot cleaner. Also I used my other electric guitar for the leads because it had 24 frets. Don't forget to comment, rate and subscribe :D

Cya guys on Sunday! And sorry for some off sync video :/

Arranged by: FamilyJules7x
Performed by: Awesomeman321
Composed by: Yoko Shimomura

Electric Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio, Epiphone SG Custom Prophecy EX
Classical Guitar: La Patrie Collection
Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020 USB
Effects: Line 6 PodFarm
Interface: Line 6 UX1
Mastered with: Izotope Ozone 5
Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Audio Software: Mixcraft 6
Video Camera: Canon T3i