Recording: Twinbee - Intro Thingy

Submitted Sun, 11/13/2011 - 23:14
by auriplane

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Since I'm having some computer problems, I can't post this to Youtube yet, so I'm just linking an MP3. I'll go back and edit this later :-)

Anyway, this was another Punchfest thing. For Punchfest, a bunch of people get together and make a video game cover in six hours or less. I'm fairly sick, and I slept through most of it, so I woke up with a few minutes left and made this, since I didn't really have time to arrange or play a bunch of instruments. It's a piano improvisation based on the intro ditty that plays when you start Twinbee. I hope you like it anyway!

If you want to join in the next Punchfest, it'll be announced on The Shizz forum. They aren't announced very far in advance, but they usually get announced on Wednesdays, I think, and then you have a few days before they actually take place. You don't have to make anything super amazing (as you can tell by my entry), so just treat it like an excuse to do music and have fun :-D


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great job on your entry, it


great job on your entry, it was really soothing! xD

I played that game yesterday


I played that game yesterday ( really ! ).
Great Job Snail Girl ! ! !