Recording: Mega Man II - Bubble Man's Stage (with Juja)

Submitted Sun, 12/20/2009 - 07:14
by auriplane | View the tab

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6 comments on Bubble Man's Stage (with Juja)

nice collab xD


nice collab xD

Nice. I liked them dancing to

Nice. I liked them dancing to it XD

great sounding bass! is that

great sounding bass! is that programmed or recorded?

It's recorded. Mostly

It's recorded. Mostly tapping, which gives it kind of a funky-bouncy sound. I had to tap all the notes 'cause otherwise it was too hard for me to play at the time. I put some paper towel under the strings to mute open strings, then I just hit all the notes with both hands xD

:32 to :43 is played normally, then it's back to tapping.

It's a Fender American Standard Jazz Bass :-D My first bass!

any effects? compression in

any effects? compression in computer software? sounds real tight and bouncy!

I myself will be praying to the tapping gods for some gameboy basslines...
way too fast to play with pick or finger style, but a piano-like approach might be possible, laying the bass flat on its back.

I think I was using my EBS

I think I was using my EBS multicomp set pretty aggressively. (It's a pedal, not software.) I don't remember anything more specific, though. It's been years!

I always do two-handed tapping in normal position. That way you can switch to plucking with your right hand if you want to! (Besides, when you turn the guitar flat, the action and intonation change slightly. It's supposed to be set up for your normal position. Not a big deal, I guess, though.)