Recording: Final Fantasy 7 - Interrupted by Fireworks

Submitted Sat, 11/22/2014 - 15:49
by Ashfield

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Sry felt retarded that day for making 128091 takes..

The tabs were on this site before but it got removed,
it was Arranged by: lonlonjp
Tabbed by: Ivo Koporcic

email me if you want it,
[email protected]

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Well that was interesting xD


Well that was interesting xD I kinda like it but if you want to play it fluidly you need to work on these transitions between chords, know what chord you have to play next and prepare it mentally. From there you can go into further details like the intensity you pluck the strings with, sliding, vibrato etc. etc. Most of the time that's just personal preference though.

Thanks, yup, Im kinda new to

Thanks, yup, Im kinda new to guitar, I need alot more parcticing but I want to record what I do even It's really not perfect, cause I know I can end up forgetting and losing it when I parctice other songs or when I cant put as much time on it. Can't believe I had 45 views in half a day :P I really must do better covers,

^^^^ Pretty much this.


Pretty much this.