Recording: Donkey Kong Country - Island Swing

Submitted Wed, 03/19/2014 - 15:47
by Alechondo

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Hey guys this is my only arrangement ATM, I figured I'd post it and see what ya'll thought. It's actually a combination of Jungle Hijinx/DK Island Swing and Simian Segue both by David Wise. It's a pretty old cruddy recording with quite a few mistakes I know, but before i recorded a better version and video, I wanted to gauge interest. Hope you guys dig it.

EDIT: for some reason the link isn't displaying on my computer so here it is just in case you have the same problem,

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Hey Alechondo, It's a really

Hey Alechondo, It's a really great arrangement, The recordings nice, I'd like to hear a second. I'd be really grateful for a chance to play the tab myself. Are you planing to post it?

Hey thanks a lot, I

Hey thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I will be hopefully posting a video soon. My friend didn't even believe me when I told him it wasn't looped or a separate bass line track, so i gotta prove it I guess. I'll be tabbing it out soon too, I gotta find a good way to make tabs without having to know how everything is timed, I'm just no good at that stuff. I'll figure it out somehow.

Hey Alechondo, I've been

Hey Alechondo, I've been listening to your stuff on soudcloud. Really nice. Looking forward to your next posts. Forgive me if this sounds presumptuous since you're obviously a well trained guitarist. But if you're learning how time signatures work, guitar pro makes it easy to experiment and learn, all you need to do is know how many notes you have in a bar and then the length of those notes. If a bar says 4/4 it would have 4 beats a bar, each beat a quarter note, making a 4/4 bar the length of a whole note. A few years ago I was posting a tab that was well transcribed but the time signature was all messed up, When I posted it, it was auriplane who reviewed it and she fixed it all up for me real swift. It's a pretty great community.

How-d Leon, Thank you for

How-d Leon,
Thank you for your kind words. I'm actually not well trained or even trained whatsoever, don't worry about it. I am familiar with beats and all that jazz but I suppose the amount of time it takes me to figure it all out is just no good. I need to really buckle down and go over it a bunch of times to get it all down, so I can do it faster.

Regardless, I finally took the time and put together and submitted a pretty awful tab of the song on Notepad, so if it get's approved, you should see it soon. There's pretty much nothing telling you the rhythm but at least the notes will all be there for anyone who wants to figure it out and maybe sometime somebody will edit it up and make it look nice. Anyway, thanks for your interest buddy, cya around.