Fragments of Memories (Final Fantasy VIII) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Oct 01, 2007 by archard

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Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu
Style: Transcription
Series: Final Fantasy

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Fragments of Memories
Final Fantasy VIII
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu






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31 comments on Fragments of Memories

Good stuff.

Good stuff.

Just about to go and try it


Just about to go and try it now but it looks as if it should all sound correct. Plus given how good all your other tabs are it is safe to assume that this is too!

Absolutely epic.

Absolutely epic.



Perfect! :P your tabs are always exact.


your tabs suck
sorry but you never tab anything but the main melody and that is just boring to play

Give him a break. He made

Give him a break. He made some 300 tabs in a short amount of time back when he was probably a beginner guitarist just to fill the site with some songs. Most people only want to play the melody anyway.

"Most people only want to

"Most people only want to play the melody anyway."

That's true. I'm essentially considered to be a war criminal for tabbing multiple parts of The Darkworld from A Link to the Past.

i can't believe you just said

i can't believe you just said that
you have no idea how bad you are gonna get bashed...asshole

Considering that you have

Considering that you have no tabs of your own, his are better than yours by default, but that's besides the point.
Anyway quit bitching. If you don't like his tabs, then don't look at them I guess. It's that simple.

Just keep in mind that this is his website, so without him, this wouldn't be around and you wouldn't have access to the tabs that are "better than his."

Blow me

Right I don't have tabs because 1. I just joined the site yesterday and 2. thats why I searched for a tab for this song because I wanted to know how to play it durr but "thats beside the point"
Also no shit I wasnt going around specifically looking for this dude's tabs, he just happened to show up on the lists which I was browsing and I, always giving him the benefit of the doubt, decided to check it out, but was once again disappointed.
Someone had to say it sooner than later, his tabs are for beginners and yes there are tabs that are "better than his", I just thought maybe I would find one that he's done that's actually fun to play. Guess not, so lick my balls ^_^ cuz all's I'll get is a petty notification of your displeasure

No less petty than your

No less petty than your original insult to Archard. And in fact if you had looked more carefully through his work, you would find some fingerstyle pieces that would satisfy your obviously expert skill as a guitarist.

Wow, pure class, pure

Wow, pure class, pure class.

himynameisel said

Blow me


lick my balls ^_^ cuz all's I'll get is a petty notification of your displeasure


First off, I don't take note of how long people have been members of a site, nor does it really matter.

Second, in my experience, it is possible to have a tab submitted in less than a day on this site, so your argument on that is useless.

Third, according to what you said, any tabs that are for beginners suck. I don't see how that's true because obviously beginners can't just pick up guitar and start finger picking away.

Last, considering that "blow me" and "lick my balls" and are such old insults/comebacks that we've all been hearing for years, your attempt at causing me displeasure has failed.


ok so stop replying then? lol
I'm not surprised you're getting so uptight about this considering your a girl so you probably can't even play guitar .. and this is most likely extremely difficult for you ..
ok you've convinced me, my apologies, I'll let you enjoy these tabs because it's all you could probably handle.

That was predictable.

That was predictable. Judging from how ignorant you arrear to be, I knew the "you're a girl so you're going to get sensitive, easily offended, and probably can't play guitar because most girls suck at it" card was likely to be played.

As for me supposedly being a beginner and this being all I can handle... it probably wouldn't make a difference to you if were to provide a video or recording that shows me playing something more complex than this sort of tab because you'd probably just amplify small mistakes in my playing, technique, and all that to automatically deem me as a shitty guitarist, which is fine. I'm not one to silence someone's opinion on my abilities. Alright, well I'm done with this nice little argument now, since clearly you're just here to instigate and I guess you're free to do so since we can't really stop you. It was entertaining for the moment.

ChelseaRare saidThat was

ChelseaRare said

That was predictable. Judging from how ignorant you arrear to be...


but glad you agree that girls are shitty guitarists, and yes you pretty much said that, how? because you said it was predictable therefore you must have thought it yourself so thanks for clearing that up. Anyways have fun then rockin out to single notes while the rest of us learn something that doesnt look like it was tabbed by a 4 year old.

himynameisel said I'm not

himynameisel said

I'm not surprised you're getting so uptight about this considering your a girl so you probably can't even play guitar .. and this is most likely extremely difficult for you ..

Basic troll in this thread, but major success. 7/10



His tabs are melodic

His tabs are melodic transcriptions for the most part. He has some fingerstyle pieces that are also very good, but the majority are tabs of the melody. That's like getting pissed off at someone for transcribing the violin part of a violin concerto because they didn't include the orchestra in the transcription as well.

Do you have any idea how stupid you sound to the rest of us? And by the same token, since you just signed up, how un-welcome someone with your shit attitude is here? We're a tight knit group of guitarists who seek to better ourselves and others by sharing, challenging, and supporting each other.

People like you are not welcome here unless you check your ego at the door. Trust me, there are far too many people here better than you for you to come in with such an arrogant attitude. So check it or wreck it, your choice.

wreck it

thats my choice, personally I could care less about the "tight knit group" you all presumably have
I didn't join to make friends
actually wanna know why I joined? just to say that these melodic tabs suck lol
so your "tight knit group" can have fun playing bum darts with each other

cool story bro

himynameisel said

actually wanna know why I joined? just to say that these melodic tabs suck lol

cool man, that sorta negates just about any points you might have actually made regarding simple tabs and the like. Now I can write you off as just another faceless internet asstard who thinks being a dick makes him cool.

hahaha ok "bro"

I wrote you off as just another faceless butt pirate ages ago
that still hasn't changed
so like I said before it's cool if I'm not allowed into the "tight knit bum dart group"
One thing I am allowed into tho is your mumsy's tight poonani so it's all good bro ;)

Ages ago? Haven't you been on

Ages ago? Haven't you been on here all of a day?
Faceless? I'm anything but that.
The rest...was that your idea of being clever? What are you like 15?
If you're not gonna be respectful of the other people on here, fine, no one can force you. Just download the tabs you think don't suck and shut the fuck up.


Ok so should I put a random dp as my profile image would that deem me not faceless? :O
and maybe if you took your own advice and just shut the fuck up I'd have nothing to reply to.
It's amazing how that works isn't it???

I have no reason to shut up,

I have no reason to shut up, I've been on here a long time and I frequent this site quite a lot. I didn't sign up just to start shit with people like you admitted to doing.

Tabs like these fill in the demand for total beginner tabs. People who are completely new to the guitar and a great way to make learning fun is to play music you like, video game music being one of them. I think there is absolultely a place for these types of tabs as beginners can't jump into playing the stuff I write, so it's better to work up to it gradually playing music they like so they don't get frustrated and quit.

Regardless, if you want hard tabs try mine. Or stamen's. Or doom's. There are plenty of great and hard tabs on here; so many in fact, that you don't need to go around bashing what other people have done because you think they're too easy. It's just really uncalled for and doesn't amount to anything. That being said, neither does the name calling we've been doing, so I apolgize for that. Anyway, hope you find something to play.

Apology accepted

and now let me humbly apoogize for my rudeness towards you, maybe I shouldn't have said that, but when other users jump the gun and go off worse than myself it's only adding fuel to the fire so of course I'll fight back.

by the way

do you realize how stupid YOU sound when using that retarded violin/orchestra example, because there is a difference between playing a single note at a single time (ie: archard's tabs)as opposed to one instrument among a whole orchestra.
You're saying that a violin playing chords by itself can be compared to plucking one note at a time on a guitar??
Um ok stupid
let me know if that was too complicated for you to understand.

What the fuck are you talking

What the fuck are you talking about? Transcribing is transcribing. If I transcribe the melody of a string piece guess what? It's single notes! The chords fill it in, sure, but a melodic transcription is just that. I don't even know what you're talking about with a violin playing chords by itself. I'm not talking about different "Stoppings" but I am saying that a violin playing one note at a time can be compared to plucking one note at time on a guitar. I don't think that's so crazy.

If I transcribe the first flute part from an orchestra, again it's single notes. In that case it might not always have the melody, which is why I said violin concerto. Arch pulls the melodic line from a piece of music and writes it out. It's that simple. If they were inaccurate, THEN you can say they suck.

Well, I always thought your

Well, I always thought your tabs kicked ass Archard... but to each his own I guess xD

Simple non-complex troll,

Simple non-complex troll, but man did the board eat this up.

Shame on both parties, troll and counter-troll better next time you guys.