Fingerstyle Contest No. 7

lololol Trang won cause hardly anyone participated lololol

ggs trang

No excuses guys, you had a solid month.

Gametab's Riff of the Week #7 winner!

After the fingerstyle challenge has progressed three weeks of challenge, riff of the week #7 is finally over.

Speedfreak completely rocked this diminished lick by alternate picking. He was like, sweeps? What sweeps?

Now we all need to prepare to alternate pick sweep arpeggio patterns or else we will never progress to riff of the week #9.

Fingerstyle Challenge of the Week #6 Winner!

That surreal's built for speed. Very smooth performance.

With surreal taking home the prize for week 6, we eagerly await his challenge for the the 7th fingerstyle competition. It could be created now, or at the start of next week. Perhaps people could comment here suggesting the best time to start the next challenge?

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