Say Hello To Our New Friend, SquareSound

If you have a keen eye you may have noticed a new link under the Friends list. This is SquareSound, a great site that provides MP3s, MIDIs, sheet music and arrangements, composer and soundtrack information and much more in the video game music realm. They even have a store where you can buy soundtracks and sheet music. Check them out when you have the chance. They are just as enthusiastic about video game music as we are here.

Is Video Game Music Headed in the Wrong Direction?

It is no great secret that videogames have come a long way in the past few years. No longer are they five minute diversions, but now are vast epics spanning across many hours. Videogame music has changed as well. The simple bleeps, bloops and zings of early videogames have been replaced with huge sweeping orchestral scores. And yet for all that change I can't help but fear that videogame music might be headed in the wrong direction.

I'm Looking For Writers and Contributors

I have a vision for this site. In that vision, it's more than just a place for you to come by, grab a few tabs, and then run off into the sunset. I want this place to become a thriving community where not just video game tablature, but video game music in general is celebrated and appreciated. In order to do that I need to expand the content of this site beyond just tabs. I've already begun to do that myself, and I plan to continue doing so. But I want to get the community involved as well. I'm looking for people to write content for this site on a variety of subjects. Articles about composers, reviews of soundtracks, and guitar lessons, to name a few. I encourage everyone to voice their opinions and contribute.

I can't currently pay anyone for their contributions. But if you want to share your opinions and talents to a large amount of people (over 60,000 unique visitors per month), then please consider becoming a contributor for this site. Just email me at and I will give you further details.

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