I'm Looking For Writers and Contributors

I have a vision for this site. In that vision, it's more than just a place for you to come by, grab a few tabs, and then run off into the sunset. I want this place to become a thriving community where not just video game tablature, but video game music in general is celebrated and appreciated. In order to do that I need to expand the content of this site beyond just tabs. I've already begun to do that myself, and I plan to continue doing so. But I want to get the community involved as well. I'm looking for people to write content for this site on a variety of subjects. Articles about composers, reviews of soundtracks, and guitar lessons, to name a few. I encourage everyone to voice their opinions and contribute.

I can't currently pay anyone for their contributions. But if you want to share your opinions and talents to a large amount of people (over 60,000 unique visitors per month), then please consider becoming a contributor for this site. Just email me at and I will give you further details.

Vote For Yoko Shimomura Project Winner

Yoko ShimomuraTo honor Yoko Shimomura, composer of music from games such as Super Mario RPG, and Live A Live, we have decided to make a collection of tabs from games she composed. 11 people have submitted tabs for this project. We would like your opinion on which one you think is the best. Please vote for your favorite in the Yoko Shimomura Project Voting Thread.

This is just the first of many projects to come in the future. We plan to do a lot of similar community oriented things like this and we encourage everyone who is a fan of this site to participate in future projects. You can also give suggestions for future projects by posting in the Site Stuff section of the forum.

Yoko Shimomura Project Closed

The deadline has come and passed and it's time to close the project. Here are all the submissions I have gathered.

ajrock2000: Breath of Fire - Alan and Cerl Forever
archard: Legend of Mana - Pain of the Universe
cgseth: Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze
daniellu14: Live a Live - Go Go Buriki King!
eddhead: Super Mario RPG - Booster's Railroad
Kabukibear: Super Mario RPG - Valentina
Kotex: Breath of Fire - Winlan
nozzie: Super Street Figheter 2 - Ken's Theme
ronito: Legend of Mana - Places in the Heart
Stamen47: Live a Live - The Ancient Master Descends from the Mountains
Yamato: Street Fighter 2 - Guile's Theme

I know some of you submitted more than one tab for this, but you can only have one official submission. If you want to use a tab that's not listed here please let me know. Also if I skipped over you completely let me know. Once I confirm that everything is correct I will put up the poll and we will vote on the winner. I am also going to make a PDF book with all these tabs and a nice writeup on Yoko Shimomura to commemorate her as a great video game music composer.

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