Merry Chrismas, etc.

I just want to wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy New Year and to say you all have been awesome and thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the site in any way, especially those who have contributed all the amazing tabs. When I first started the site I had a vision in mind to turn the then stagnant video game tabs community into a thriving one, and use this site as a breeding ground for those with similar interests to get a great collection of tabs going. Well, that's exactly what happened. 2007 was an awesome year which saw many improvements and huge growth for this site and I expect 2008 to be just as good.

GTYNP: Xenosaga - Shion: Past Memory

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This arrangement is absolutely insane and I don't understand why it hasn't received more attention. It starts off very slow and relaxed and seems like it'll be smooth sailing the whole way through. But it suddenly springs into a epic maelstrom of pitched sound. It's a torrent of quickly picked chords not for the feign of heart. Difficult, but very fun to play. It's also very creative as far as guitar arrangements go, something Kabukibear has been known for.

Open challenge to the community: if anyone submits a complete and well played recording of this song, I will personally send you a copy of any Xenosaga game of your choice.


GTYNP: Legend of Mana: Pain in the Universe

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This week's Great Tab You've Never Played comes from Gametab's founder Archard. His arrangement of Legend of Mana's "Pain in the Universe" was done for the Yoko Shimomura project.

Usually I don't play rock arrangements but I've been using this as a good warm up piece. Residing in the higher registers of the guitar this is a good challenge without being overly difficult. Good job archard.



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