Over 1,000 tabs and still growing!

Thanks to the hard work of so many gametabs has broken the 1,000 tab mark. Great work guys! Let's keep it up and move on to the next 1,000.

Might Be Forced to Shut Down

It was an April Fools joke... we're not really shutting down =P

I have some sad news to report today. I just received a letter in the mail from Nintendo of America, Inc. saying that they have been monitoring this site for some time, and have gathered a great amount of evidence of intellectual property rights violations for distributing "unlicensed" music notation and MP3 files. Essentially it's a cease and desist order, which means that if I don't shut down the site they will take further legal action on me.

I've already contacted a lawyer of my own to see what my options are about this whole thing. I realize it's just me against a mega-corporation like Nintendo, but I can't let this thing go without a fight and I'm going to explore every legal possibility before I take the site down.

Click the thumbnail to view a full copy of the cease and desist order.

GTYNP: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Mewt

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This is definitely one of the greatest tabs on the site and I have a feeling a lot of people haven't played it. Thus GTYNP comes to the rescue once again! This is Kabukibear's transcription of Mewt, an arrangement of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance character's theme which is found on White Melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a fantastic FFTA arrangement CD. This is a really beautiful duet arrangement with two acoustic guitars, and one heck of a transcription job by Kabukibear. The background guitar plays a constant and tranquilizingly peaceful accompaniment while the lead guitar slowly picks up steam and never quite climaxes, but instead seems to spill out into a flurry of "back and forth" type motions. It's very fun to play, but even better to listen to in my opinion. This is the kind of song you put a nice pair of headphones on for, lay down in your bed, close your eyes and get lost in.


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