New Request System

A new request system was requested probably over a year ago. Well today I finally put it up. Requests should no longer be posted in the forum. Instead you can get to the new Requests system by going to the "Request" link at the top of this page. There you will find a list of requests in order of when a comment was last posted there (you can change the order if you want). By default, this page will only list requests that have not been fulfilled, but you can change that using the drop down form at the top of the page.

The idea of this system is that requests which have not been fulfilled will get more attention than those that have. And it provides a means of keeping track of which requests have been fulfilled and which ones haven't.

When you make a request, you now fill out the name of the song and the name of the game separately. This allows requests to be sorted by song and by game, and potentially be searched by that criteria as well. There is also a box for you to put details regarding the request (info about the song/game for example) and a link to where the music can be heard. I am going to strictly enforce that all requests must have a link to where the music can be heard. It is impossible for someone to make a tab out of something that they can't hear (unless they know the song really well). This will benefit both the requesters and the requestees (is that a word?).

There is a link on the request page that says Mark Request Fulfilled (or Mark Request Unfulfilled if it's already fulfilled). Any registered user can mark a request as fulfilled/unfulfilled, so I am counting on the community to make this system work.

Questions? Comments? Ask away.

More New Things

I just put up a couple of new features. First, comment notifications. If you'll notice, the comment forms now have a new option at the bottom labeled "Notify me of follow-up comments posted here." You can choose to be notified when any new comment is posted, or only ones that are replies to your comment, or you can choose not to be notified at all. If you do choose to be notified, an email will be sent to you when the event you select happens. This applies to any content type that has comments (tabs, recordings, forum topics, articles, etc). Note that there is also a new setting in your user account settings that will let you set the default notification setting. There you can also choose to be notified when comments are posted on nodes (fancy word for 'posts') that you've created, such as forum topics or recordings. Think of this as like a subscriptions system.

Also, I've added 'mark topics read' functionality that's seen often on most forums. Just click the link and a certain amount of posts will be marked as read depending on which page you're looking at. If you're looking at the forum home page (, all topics in all forums will be marked as read. If you're looking at a 'container' of forums ( for example), all forums in that container will be marked as read. If you're looking at a specific forum ( for example), all topics in that particular forum will be marked as read.

Hope you all like the new features, and before I forget:


Interface Changes

In response to people using low screen resolutions have trouble reading tabs, I've killed off the right sidebar completely. I moved everything to the left sidebar, accept for user account specific stuff like the 'My Profile' and 'My Favorites' links. Those links I've put in a new drop down list on the top navigation bar (with some snazzy effects). I hope this makes things easier for you guys, and if not I really want to hear your feedback. Let me know if anything is confusing.

I also killed off the Latest Transcriptions and Latest Arrangements lists in favor of the more classic lists which you should see above this post. I think most people like these lists the way they are now, so I will most likely keep them like that. As always, I await your feedback.

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