"Treetop Tunes" a DKC Tribute Album

Hey friends, here is the very last album of 2018 from Pixel Mixers:
Treetop Tunes, a tribute to Donkey Kong Country music!

This album features 35 songs from the original DKC Trilogy, but also the GBA version of DKC 3, DKC Returns and DKC Tropical Freeze!
We gathered 44 musicians to make more than 2h of music!

You can directly LISTEN to the full album here

Or DOWNLOAD it for free here

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"World's Requiem" a Final Fantasy VI Tribute Album

Hey guys, I have the pleasure to present our brand new project:
Final Fantasy VI - World's Requiem

This is a Tribute Album to FFVI Music, featuring all the songs from the Original Soundtracks, rearranged and interpreted by 71 musicians from the Pixel Mixers Community!
58 songs, for 3h 25min of free music!


You can read more about it here:

This album features 3 “discs” called “Esper“, “Super Sanity” and “World’s Requiem“.
We decided to share the songs in a way to create some “narrative arcs” between the songs, so the order is different from the OST.

Here is the release trailer if you want to listen a bit before downloading:

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