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Review of the Avid Eleven Rack and the Atomic 112 18w active guitar cabinet

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This article is written by Moogiefish.

Here is my Small contribution to a great resource...

The Eleven Rack (the orange box)

The eleven rack is a product that came out last year from Digidesign now Avid. What it is, is a usb ProTools interface (plus it can be used for other DAWs at the sacrifice of some features)/reamping system and a rack preamp and effects processor. As an interface it has a mic preamp with pad and phantom power, midi in and out, a line in and out, and an unbalanced guitar input with their true Z input circut.

Where it really shines thought is as a guitar effects processor. It all starts with the true Z input which is built to simulate the input impedance of a real amp then it hits the effects and amp chain. the chain can have six effects at one time with a wah and volume pedal along with whatever effects you have in the effects loop an amp and a cabinet with a mic that is either on axis or off axis...oh and it has a tuner. So it has 16 amp models, 7 cabinet models, 7 mic models, 2 wahs, a fuzz, a distortion, a overdrive, 5 modulation effects, 2 reverbs, 2 delays, a graphic eq, a compressor, a volume pedal, and a noise gate which is a part of all of the amp models.

Navigating all of it is really simple. The amp can be accessed through two or three button pushes, and the effects can be accessed by pushing their respective button on the front panel. They really went out of their way to make everything simple to do...except programming a midi foot controller which is an evil affair.

Sound-wise it is great, the cab and mics are Impulse response models. The reverb is lush and on the spring reverb you can get that wet surf verb. Amps are very dynamic responding to your touch and the volume knob. You can control the amp and effects through the six knobs under the display.

To hear it you can plug it into an amp,pa,power amp into a cab, or a powered speaker using either the xlr or unbalanced 1/4" outs. Plus for silent enjoyment it has a headphone out on the front panel.

Now I know a while ago a did a post on the axe fx raving how great it is...and my stance on it has not changed. As a stand alone effects processor/preamp it is the stick by all others are measured in features and sound quality. The reasons why I think the eleven rack is great too and why I bought it instead of an axefx is that, one it is a lot cheaper about 1000 dollars cheaper, two it is an interface, three it comes with pro tools le, four even at its price it still has a lot of really good and usable sounds. It is like comparing apples and oranges they are different but in the end are both fruit so you just got to choose.

sound clips are to come...

Atomic Powered guitar cab (the short review)

The atomic amp/cab is a tube powered active cabinet made specifically for digital modeling systems. this particular model is their discontinued 1x12 18 watt cab, and even thought it is 18 watts it is loud.

Sound-wise it is very clean with very high head room so even at high volumes the sound of the modeler shows through. It has no volume knob on it, all volume is controlled from the digital unit so you want to turn on you preamp first check your levels then turn on the cab, which is usual tube amp, preamp/poweramp practice.

Some problems I have with it though are:
-Vinyl rips easy

but other than that it is a great amp.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

- Moogiefish

Happy 4th Birthday gametabs.net

What can I say? Four years ago I launched this site while I was still an immature 18 year old with no clear direction in life and clueless about the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to make a good website. I've matured profoundly over the past four years, and so has this site. I can't thank everyone who contributes enough. I know I'm always saying it but I always mean it. I have absolutely nothing to give you guys but my thanks. Here's to another great year.

Review: The Acoustic© AG30 acoustic amp.

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I recently went to my local guitar center to test drive an amp I've been thinking about getting for a while now The Acoustic© AG30. Never did I think my guitar could sound any more beautiful until I hooked up to this amp. It was amazing the effects were so natural sounding I couldn't believe it and not only that there were 16 effects to choose from so there is a wide range of effects you can choose form to fit your style. What I also thought was cool is there isn't a paper that tells you what the effects are, the list is stamped on top of the amp for your convenience. Also for all you YouTubers here on gametabs this amp has a line out which means for about 10-15 dollars more for the extra 1/4 to 1/8 cable at radio shack you can hook up to the line in on your computer and start using Windows Movie Maker to record some audio and upload it. Overall I'm very happy with this amp there are alot more features about this amp then stated above (see below). I recommend going to your local guitar center and trying it out for yourself.

Effects: I couldn't find any information about the effects this Amp had before I went to GC so I'm going to list them here for the people who want to know.

1. Bright Hall
2. Dark Hall
3. Bright Room
4. Dark Room
5. Bright Plate
6. Dark Plate
7. Echo
8. Repeat Echo
9. Echo/Reverb 1
10. Echo/Reverb 2
11. Chorus 1
12. Chorus 2
13. Flange 1
14. Flange 2
15. Chorus/Reverb 1
16. Chorus/Reverb 2

Pros: 16 natural sounding effects w/level adjust, Line Out, 3-Band EQ w/MID frequency change, XLR and 1/4 inputs, 1/8 aux in for CD player or Mp3 players, 1/8 stero headphone jack, 30-Watts RMS, 2 channels.

Cons: Weights 44lbs/19kg

Price: 199$

For more info on the amp go here http://www.acousticamplification.com/products/ag30.cfm

Here is what the amp sounds like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJLixibEQ-M

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