Gametab's Riff of the Week #5 winner!

My bad! I almost forgot Lynnyrd didn't have the power to list the grand winner of our week #5 edition, my my, probably a familiar face to us all. Who shall stop Cpx's rampage?
Kora's entry is definetly worth mentioning.

Also props to our acoustic bros for getting inspired by us and running their own spinoff of this contest succesfully!

This week's challenge:

Fingerstyle Challenge of the Week #1 Winner!

The winner of the first fingerstyle challenge was TrangOul!

As is customary for the victor, Trang is now hosting the second week's fingerstyle challenge here. If you want to challenge and improve your fingerstyle technique and musicianship, head over there now! And don't worry about submitting an entry at TrangOul's level. The purpose of these challenges is to improve ourselves, and have fun in the process.

Riff of the Week Challenge #4 Winner!

Congrats to LynyrdSkynyrd4 for winning the Riff of the Week Challenge #4!
Very prompt in posting up a video of the riff and played it very clean!

What kind of riff will Lynyrd choose next to challenge the people of gametabs?

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