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Tune contest 4th edition!

Posted in contest recording

Alright, so far these weekly contests have proved to be popular so archard and a bunch others in the community felt it wouldn't hurt to try and make them bigger!

From now on as an additional incentive the weekly winner will be featured and announced here in the frontpage, having his work/yt channel linked in the main post, along the guidelines for the next contest.

This week's theme has been selected by our previous edition's winner, Musenji!

Congratulations to him.
The theme picked by him for this week is...

Miniature sonata-style.

3 separate movements, at least 30 seconds each:

1. fast
2. slow
3. fast

All on one track, with a little space between movements.

There are no limitations on the style, though ideally the movements should transition well into each other.

Standard deal with the deadline--it is not locked! We'll see how things go.

Weekly Tune Contests

written by rex.

Gametabs tune contest!

So thanks to a brilliant bear idea, Gametabs has now the honor to welcome the


Its simple:
A theme and some rules are imposed, then people have to compose an original song that would nicely fit the theme. from midi to high quality wavs, things you played and recorded yourself to FL vst instruments, anything goes!
The winner gets to choose the next theme.
Simple right? So you've got no excuses for not trying it!
Everything is happening in the Projects and competitions part of the forum.

drop a line in our irc!


IRC quick mini-tutorial

Originally posted by ehrik.

Here's a quick mini tutorial on how to join IRC servers and rooms.

First you'll need a program like mIRC (Though it says it's not free, you can use it past the 30 day trial for free, this is also the most popular of the three I listed), HydraIRC (Completely Free), or Chatzilla (A firefox extension/plugin thing, free as well). There are also a ton of other IRC clients you can use such as Pidgin (Universal client that uses IMs systems like MSN AIM too) or xChat, etc, but they're all basically run the same way.

Next open whichever program you have, there should be a blank window with a line to type stuff in. It should look something like this:


Type on the line: /server irc.rizon.net , then press Enter.

Wait for it to connect, should look something like this:

The client will tell you when you've succesfully connected.

Now in the same window type in: /j #gametabs

Now you're done! You should see a new window open up, that is the channel window. Start chatting away.

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