Fingerstyle Challenge of the Week #5 Winner!

"There's a new guy in town. His name is Robocop." Well actually it's kpcart, and he kicks ass at tremelo.

kpcart took the 5th challenge by a storm, and is now hosting the 6th fingerstyle competition here. It's based on one of his own arrangements, and it looks pretty damn good.

Fingerstyle Challenge of the Week #4 Winner!

Once again Trang proves his godly guitar skills, this time in pull off technique.

Trang is now hosting the 5th competition here, in possibly the most musically difficult challenge yet: tremolo! If you're, interested head over there now.

Gametab's Riff of the Week #6 winner!

This times winner is fatalfable.
Go on and choose the next challenge riff!

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