Time Warning (Super Mario Brothers) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Sep 30, 2007 by eddhead

Average: 2.9 (13 votes)
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Game: Super Mario Brothers
Composer(s): Koji Kondo
Style: Transcription
Series: Mario

AutoScroll: Slow | Medium | Fast
Super Mario Bros. Time Warning NES

Tabber: "Fast" Eddie Schofield

Standard Tuning

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13 comments on Time Warning

i honestly dont see a point

i honestly dont see a point to this tab.

wtf is this anyway?

wtf is this anyway?

Doesnt matter its still a

Doesnt matter its still a tab

Chillax, guys! Someone

Chillax, guys! Someone requested it a long time ago with a few other tabs (SMB3 Overworld2 and SMB Level Clear!), and I felt obliged to include this one with the other ones he requested!

lol @ Anon "wtf is this"... it just made me laugh

Yo, I like this, it goes

Yo, I like this, it goes with the Overworld theme. Which basically means that you are gonna have to play faster. I haven't even played yet and I already have a feeling that it is 100% correct. Thanks for posting this!

God bless

See? AILD1 knows what's

See? AILD1 knows what's goin' on.

lol averyoen that have

lol averyoen that have played a mario games surely knows about this time warning :P

why anyone would wanna play

why anyone would wanna play this i dont know, but hey its the classics i guess...

..Well it came in handy for

..Well it came in handy for me. I don't think they will ever tell me "Yeah you can do wahtever you want for the spring concert" ever again *cackle*

"Sounds from supermario" is totally valid as an orchestral arrangement.

It could be used like the

It could be used like the Wrap-It-Up machine from Chappelle's show. When you want someone to hurry up and finish something, just play this music at them and they'll start to speed up

"why would anyone want to


"why would anyone want to play this?" - for the same reason they would want to play any of the mario theme!

that said, this tab seems too low to me - maybe it should all be moved up an octave?

and for those that don't even know what this tab is for - more fool you! if you don't know the 'hurry up!' lick, then what are you even doing looking at mario tabs in the first place?!

maybe I'll use this in my

maybe I'll use this in my solo mario arrangement



Pretty good