I'm Proud of You (Mass Effect 3) Guitar Tab

Submitted: Oct 06, 2012 by Bhael (Last updated: Mar 13, 2013)

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Game: Mass Effect 3
Composer(s): Sam Hulick, Cris Velasco, Clint Mansell, Christopher Lennertz, Sascha Dikiciyan
Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle

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                             I'm Proud of You                                 
                               Mass Effect 3
                                Sam Hulick

Drop-D tuning

55 bpm

Take a short breath on the second beat

     Q     Q     E  E     Q     Q     E  E     Q     Q     E  E   

  Q     Q     Q       Q     Q     E  E     Q     Q     E  E   

  Q     Q     E  E     Q     Q     Q       Q     Q     E  E   

   Q     Q     E  E     Q    E  E  Q       Q     Q     E  E   

  Q     Q     Q       Q    Q    Q       Q     Q     Q       Q    Q    Q     

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7 comments on I'm Proud of You



Always a great day when Bhael uploads a new tab. Not enough WRPGS on here. Hope you put a video up for this soon.

Thanks man, I'll probably

Thanks man, I'll probably record this professionally later this month.

In the recording you're using

In the recording you're using a capo on the 2nd fret but I dont see it mentioned in the tab.

The piece is in D, so

The piece is in D, so ordinarily you wouldn't use a capo in this tuning. However, I play my guitar a step down for the deep tone it produces, so need a capo on the 2nd to play it in key!

Me too! I had to tune my

Me too! I had to tune my guitar down to Eb for a song and never changed back to standard since it sounded so good.

True dat!

True dat!



I love your Tabs and your Youtube Channel! It's always great to see you set up a new tab, to try my luck with!
Thank you for sharing!