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Just FYI, that snail game I made a few years ago is going to be run on AGDQ in a few hours :) A runner named Bismuth is playing it.

Has anyone been watching AGDQ? My favorite so far was the FF1 NES run, really amazing commentary. Right now they're playing Paper Mario, which I never played, but now I kind of want to, especially because of Paper Jam on 3DS. (I love all the Mario & Luigi RPG games :)

Saturday they're doing some TASBot runs, and Undertale and Super Metroid at the very end.

I've been watching on and


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I've been watching on and off, just waiting for that super metroid run, but I'll keep an eye out for that game. I remember it had a killer soundtrack, though I can't recall the name of the game.

what wonderful overall


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