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Pixel Mixers Rayman, then Zelda albums. gametabs members are welcome !


Location: Liège (Belgium)

Joined: Mar 04 2008

Hey guys, how're you doing?

Just wanted to share some stuffs with you.

I'm organising a Rayman 1 album, but i'm trying a new way of claiming songs. So here is the OST if you are curious:

If you ever want to participate, what would be cool is that you take a quick listen to it and send me in private message the name of the 2 or 3 songs you'd like to cover the most.

It's not an official claiming, it's a test to see if i can improve how claiming works and not being stuck in the good old "1st here, 1st served" :)

Cool thing about this album, we have the "official" support from the original composer Rémi Gazel and HE WILL LISTEN to our tracks, so i'm counting on you to show what you can do best ! ;D


After the rayman album our next project is a new Zelda Album, if you remember we did a "Zelda Tribute Album" in 2015 with gametabs.

This time it won't be a global album but it will be focused on a specific game or era of the series.

But we haven't decided which Zelda game so you'll have to vote, here is how it works: a "semi final" with 7 choices, 3 votes per people, open to everyone outside and inside the community, and then the "final vote" with the top 3 of the "semi-final" and only 1 vote per people and it will stays in the community only (here + discord).

Here is the semi-final vote:

Hope to see some of you joining us :)