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Started uploading on ultimate guitar. Added Megalovania and Ievan Polka


John Lee

Location: Vancouver, BC

Joined: Sep 17 2015

I have uploaded some of my tabs on the site ultimate-guitar and will continue to use both gametabs and ultimate-guitar as my uploading medium.
I intend to use it as a form of a fail-safe in case gametabs goes down again. From here you will be able to check out on my non-game tabs such as Ievan Polkka. My username there is johnqwerty.lee1

Megalovania on an online equivalent of guitar pro

Ievan Polkka file

Ievan Polkka Guitar Pro version approved
Ievan Polkka tab version is still pending

ievan polka was in one of


Location: Tampa, FL

Joined: Jan 04 2009

ievan polka was in one of those miku rhythm psp games awhile back, i know because i started and abandoned a tab for it myself