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Brave Song - Angel Beats!


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Brave Song zip = gp5, mid, pdf, txt
Brave Song txt

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Song/album info
Performed by Aoi Tada
Words and music written by Jun Maeda

Ending song for the anime Angel Beats! I've been marathoning all of the Key animes and got all worked up and motivated to finally finish this tab. I know there are a couple good tabs on here for it already, but I've always wanted to tab it out for myself ^^ It was Angel Beats, and this song in particular, that first got me interested in anime music and trying to play it on guitar :3

Also it's the full 5 and a half minute version. Sry about all the super long tab submissions, Hsles. *tee-hee* :P

P.S. Glad the site is working again! xDDD If this ship ever goes down I'm probably going down with it. No way in hell I'm going to migrate to Ultimate Guitar o/ lololol

Edit: I noticed while playing along with the track that keeping the g-string open, instead of fretting 2 for the orthodox chord shapes, sounds better during the verses. So with that in mind I went back and redid the verses and some other parts. I think it sounds better now, closer to the original. Files updated.


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