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Dao Jarlen

Joined: Mar 10 2015

Hey guys,

First off, I have to say, because it does not get said enough, THIS SITE RULES. There is seriously nowhere else (tell me if I'm wrong) that has a group of talented people like you guys working on awesome solo guitar arrangements. I love playing solo guitar and I love that you guys have helped me to be able to continue having fun doing it, playing your arrangements and inspiring me to make my own. So.. THANK YOU ALL!



I have 3 questions if anyone would like to answer..

What song(s) are you guys currently working on or planning to start next?

What is your favorite(or one of your favorites) arrangement on the site(THAT ARE NOT ON THE TOP TABS PAGE)?

Lastly, what song(s) would you be happiest to see on the home page arranged by your favorite arranger(whomever that may be)?


I'll go first(how nice),

I have quite a few arrangements going at the moment including:

Launch Base Act 1 - Sonic 3
Robotnik - Sonic 3
Chemical Plant - Sonic 2
Milkyway - FTL
The Midnight Wood - Hyper Light Drifter
Delfino Plaza - Super Mario Sunshine
Gerudo Valley - You fucking know
Life in the Mines - Donkey Kong Country
Aquatic Ambiance - Donkey Kong Country
Tank! - Cowboy Bebop
L's theme - Death Note

(Tell me if you want to hear any preliminary recordings ;p)

Some of my current favorite arrangements from others:

And finally, songs I'd love to see someone arrange:

Civil - FTL
Space Cruise - FTL
Chorus of Tongues - Hyper Light Drifter
Flow - FEZ
Sync/Glitch - FEZ
Adventure - FEZ
Beacon - FEZ
Puzzle - FEZ
Knowledge - FEZ
Ruins - Undertale
Bonetrousle - Undertale
Bring it in, guys! - Undertale
Enemy Approaching - Undertale
Uwa!! So Temperate - Undertale
Hydrocity Acts 1 & 2 - Sonic 3
Angel Island Acts 1 & 2 - Sonic 3
Flying Battery - Sonic 3
Stardust Speedway Past/Present/Future/Japan/US/whatever, they seriously are all awesome -Sonic CD
Planet Wisp Act 1 - Sonic Colors


Before I go, big shout outs to Stamen47, Cyx77, Kabukibear, JordanVS, AlphaIce, Diralark, Johnbie and TrangOul, you have produced almost all of my favorite arrangements and your work and talent is astonishing! You guys are incredibly awesome. Cheers everybody!



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I feel the same as you Dao, gametabs is one of my favourite sites on the web and i haven't seen a better place for tabs, especially fingerstyle. To answer your questions;

1) What are you working on/planning next?
I've got a few unfinished pieces that i want to come back to at some stage, FFXI - Recollection, Trails in the Sky - Welcome to Lelocle, trying to fit Via Purifico/Path of Repentance - FFX onto one guitar, plus a few random bits and bobs from Hanasaku Iroha and Sicilienne from Hyouka (originally by Gabriel Faure) but i think i've bitten off more than i can chew there. Working on a Jinjo Village tab right at the moment though.

2) Favourite Arrangement?
I always find myself coming back to tomorning's Choro Cloub arrangements, but this by French Fries is one of my favourites right now, sounds lovely and plays nicely too.

3) Songs i'd like to see?
I'm in love with the Hyouka soundtrack so or would be a godsend if someone to arrange them - I imagine Coolbreeze or Scarecrowlol would do a pretty good job arranging them. Or anything Choro Club (YKK Country cafe, Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth). Or something from Shirobako or even more Banjo Kazooie tabs i'm really not too fussy :D

Also to add onto the previous questions, i'd be interested in how people approach solo arrangements of multi instrument songs as i always have a lot of difficulty deciding which notes to leave out of an arrangement. do you prefer a melody + simple bassline, or would you be more inclined to learn more difficult songs if they more fully incorporated harmonious elements and better fleshed out basslines? would you rather a piece true to an original, or an interpretation that may be more musically pleasing?

p.s. i'm keen to see the Tank! arrange when you're finished with it as i remember you did a ripper job recording it a while back


facebook: /brent.quinn5

What song(s) are you guys


Location: Turku, Finland

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What song(s) are you guys currently working on or planning to start next?
-I haven't really worked on anything for months due to being busy with student exchange abroad, but I did start Yiruma's River Flows in You few days ago. I also have an unfinished arrangement of Harukaze by Rihwa which I really should finish. That said, neither of those can be posted on this site.

What is your favorite(or one of your favorites) arrangement on the site(THAT ARE NOT ON THE TOP TABS PAGE)?
-The Streets of Whiterun by Bhael

Lastly, what song(s) would you be happiest to see on the home page arranged by your favorite arranger(whomever that may be)?
-Anything jazz arranged for classical guitar really. A really good arrangements of Round Table featuring Nino songs would be pretty amazing too if someone can pull that off.



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What song(s) are you guys currently working on or planning to start next?
What is your favorite(or one of your favorites) arrangement on the site(THAT ARE NOT ON THE TOP TABS PAGE)?
Lastly, what song(s) would you be happiest to see on the home page arranged by your favorite arranger(whomever that may be)?

1) i am working on:
hikaru nara - shigatsu ga kimi no uso
caius theme's - Final Fantasy XIII-2
Fox rain - my girlfriend is a gumiho (dorama)
platinum - card captor sakura

2)my favorite arragements:
traverse town by lonlonjp
serial experimen lain duvet by rurouni1928
dk in love...
yeul's theme - final fantasy xiii-2 (
and i usually play my arragements.

3)my favorites arragements are: JordanVS, bhael, thedstring...etc....
i'd like an arragement of:
protectors of earth - two steps from hell
aoi shiroi - ano hana
lavanya - E.S. Posthumus
the great unknown - Yaroslav Mjelsky
Starvation - Two Steps From Hell
(i know, those melodies are not from videogames)

(english is not my native language so excuse me if i make mistakes)

Community intensifies!

Dao Jarlen

Joined: Mar 10 2015

So happy to see your guys' comments!


quinndangle2 - I love your snowdin and littleroot town arrangements! I'm sure you must have some other awesome ones based on the quality of those two alone, but I've never heard most of the music you've transcribed. Wow, that OST is really great too! I'll be listening to that for a bit, thank you for the recommendation. Awesome choice on the favorite arrangement too! I've never heard Departure before, it's fantastic! And so is that arrangement, good find!

To answer your question though, I think, for me, i almost always value the melody over any accompaniment. If i need to miss a chord or bass note to make sure I get a melody note in, I think that is usually best. However, there are always exceptions, like when a certain chord or bass line seems particularly important or integral to capture the sound of the song. To be totally honest though, I try my best to fit everything I possibly can in, even if it's practically unplayable lol. My Fountain of Dreams and Tank! arrangements are good examples of that. After a few months though, I usually figure out a way to make it work.

Thanks for enjoying the old Tank! recording though! I have a special place in my heart for that one even though the solo is a mess. The very last thing you hear on it is actually my low E string snapping lol, I always thought that timing was incredible.


Basisti94 - I freaking adore your guren no yumiya and sore feet song tabs. You clearly have great taste in anime, looking at your work. I haven't played skyrim but that song sounds pretty sweet. I am totally with you on the jazz arrangements though. I really wish there were more, but TBH i don't even know very many jazz influenced video game OST's. There's like... Donkey Kong Country? IDK. Enlighten me if you can.


Naen - I guess we're all anime fans here lol. Looking forward to the hikaru nara tab for sure. I also enjoy that DK in love tab, really creative. And I too enjoy many of lonlonjp's arrangements. I think he may have been the first guitarist I saw doing video game covers, and he was probably the catalyst for my presence here. I love his arrangement of Blue Bird from Naruto (

What song(s) are you guys

Lurker McHuge

Joined: Feb 15 2016

What song(s) are you guys currently working on or planning to start next?

-A medley of a few themes from Eternal Sonata.

What is your favorite(or one of your favorites) arrangement on the site(THAT ARE NOT ON THE TOP TABS PAGE)?

- One of my favorites is

Lastly, what song(s) would you be happiest to see on the home page arranged by your favorite arranger(whomever that may be)?

-Some of the battle themes from Witcher 3.

1)What song(s) are you guys



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1)What song(s) are you guys currently working on or planning to start next?

Well to be honest i have a tonne of unfinished tabs and finished tabs that i haven't got around to finalizing or wasn't completely happy with the end result or its playability. Some tabs sit on my computer for months before i get around to posting them, and usually by then i've practiced them soo much that even if the tabs hard im happy with them, but fingerstyle beginners and others that have just started learning probably wont want to attempt them or be interested lol.

Some songs ive started but are:

Silent sorrow - Saya no uta
E1M8 The phobos anomaly - doom
Betilla the fairy - rayman (hardly started)
Karappo no watashi - selector infected WIXOSS
Akitsuiri - Hoshizora no memoria
Uketsugareshi Kokuin - Fate/stay night (this is one of those tabs thats a bit too hard atm)
Reitan na senkoku - Gakkou Gurashi!
Cats Cradle - Stray cat crossing
Kyuuketsu Koroshi - To aru majutsu no index
Reborn - Kara no Shoujo
Main Theme - Tomb Raider 1

and a fair few others, some are like 3 years old

Some tabs i've completed but not finalized are:

Memories - Yosuga no Sora
Mushishi No Theme - Mushishi
Daydream Cafe ~solo piano~ - Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka
A silent summer - The Garden of words (this tab is really involved)
Suspended - Yosuga No Sora
Omoi Daite - Higurashi no naku koro ni
Decision - The pilots love song
Kagami - Kara no shoujo the second episode
Heart recollection -Yosuga no sora
Sabbath - Saya no uta

I have hundreds of songs i want to tab but a mass deficiency of time. I'd like to tabs for songs from Mushishi and the second season, Hoshizora no memoria, Kara no shoujo and the second episode, lots of various animes, The Talos principle, and the list goes on and on.

2) My favourite arrangements:

Hmm well to be honest i hardly find time for my own tabs and dont play much of others stuff anymore, aside from the odd tab. I would have to reference the youtuber oldwhtman,, as back when i was a just beginning to pick up fingerstyle it was his tabs i built my skill up from and a few kabuki and bhael arrangements from memory. But he has some really nice anime arrangements, mainly naruto, that are quite beginner friendly. Wihtout wanting to sound arrogant or anything the tab i find myself coming back to again and again is my arrangement of holiday from kara no shoujo, purely because there are no other tabs for that song. This site has soo many great arrangers on it that its not hard to find good material at all. The likes of thedstring, bhael, basisti94, diralark, kabukibear, stamen, tomorning, quinndangle2, naen, nostars, mechakrauser, colin_spade and lots more who's names escape me, sorry anyone i missed!

3) Songs i'd like to see?

Id like to see an arrangment of filna fantasy from lucky star, or anything from kara no shoujo, talos principle, guilty crown, owari no seraph, mushishi and so on and so forth.

Also to further quinndangles question about arranging, i tend to want melody to be dominant but i also feel the bass and rhythm need to be there to, at the sacrifice of some playability usually, which often leads me to detune, sometimes heavily to get that really full sound from the chords, which can sometimes affect the melody in the way of the original notes being to high up the neck, therefore an octave has to be dropped. So really i prefer something a bit more in depth or involved, but nothing beats a simple nice sounding tab either ;)


Hey B0ss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And another head for the Hydra!


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Wow this thread is a beast already, Dao, lol

(Q1) What am I working on right now?
(A) A bunch of stuff lol. My main priority right now is to tab out the full version of the ending song from the God Eater anime. I have the TV size done but that's not enough for me.
Also I've been playing a lot of Skyrim lately and I thought I might tab out some of the bard songs. I have Tale of the Tongues pretty much done, but I'm on the fence about submitting it or not since it didn't turn out like I had hoped.

Some others in various states of disrepair:
Works in Progress.txt

(Q2) What tabs do I love and do I think deserve a place on the Top Tabs page?
(A) Boy, that's a tough one since there are so many good ones...

Some of my absolute favorite tabs are:

*Shoutouts and thanks to all of the fingerstyle arrangers and tabbers here. Please don't make me say your names... it's embarrassing... You know who you are...

(Q3) What do I want to see tabbed out?
(A) All of the Love Live! songs, any of the anime theme songs performed by Kalafina (Madoka Magicka, Kara no Kyoukai, Fate/Stay), Farewell Song from Air (and anything else from a Key-related work), Code Geass S1 Ending song by Ali Project, more Yosuga no Sora and anything Saya no Uta (*elbowing scarecrowlol*)

(Q4 *Bonus*) Melody VS Bassline / Simplicity VS Complexity / Faithful adaptation VS Hey wait, it sounds better like this!
(A) Eh, that's kind of iffy cuz it'll vary song to song, tab to tab. I always start out my tabs as multi-instrument transcriptons, being as accurate as possible. Then after I've gotten enough to the song transcribed I start thinking about cramming it all onto on guitar lol. I always start with the main melody (I guess). Transpose the track up or down octaves to get it in range of the guitar and then add in the main bass notes and transpose that around to various capo positions and drop tunings to find the ideal place to utilize the guitar's open strings and established chord shapes. Then after I have a barebones track (or tracks) of only the high melody and low bass I'll pick around with it and plug in filler notes with whatever is available from my hand position. I'll make additions and corrections along the way so that it flows together nicely. It's often that I have several tracks of the song and versions of the tab in various tunings and capo positions that seem promising but I'll eventually eliminate them down to one which I think is the best. Sometimes it's quite maddening and I've buried more than one tab that just wasn't working out wherever I tried to play it.
As far as remaining faithful to the original track, that is something I try and do because I make most of my tabs with the intention of playing along with the original. I actually have all of the mp3s of the songs I play sorted and categorized into playlists of tuning and capo position.

Your recordings are pretty awesome, Dao. I especially like the Sonic covers. The story about your E string snapping during your recording of Tank! is pretty cool and funny lol. Reminds me of a similar story from one of the Dragonforce guitarists about their string snapping during the recording of one of the guitar solos and they left it in for the album.

GWah! That took forever to type ;p

Edit: sry for getting a bit wordy, RL interrupted me a few times while typing and derailed my train of thought lol. Had to finalize and post in a hurry X_X
2nd Edit: I thought to add that long list of works in progress as a linked txt

Fan of TrangOul


John Lee

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I have plans fix my old tabs to make them easier to play. After I get through that I plan to arrange more World of Goo songs and Undertale songs. Please note the term 'plan' as I was not ambitiously working on tabs at the moment.

I was quite busy recording for my latest arrangement, Metal Crusher. or rather, being able to play a song I arranged. After turning my fingertips into leather, finally nailed it; I think. I might have time to arrange and fix tabs now.


My favorite tabber has always been TrangOul. One of the first tab I played from this site was for Plants vs Zombies. I have been a fan of him before I really got started. I want him to come back and arrange more amazing tabs, hopefully for PvZ.

what is thread may never die

Dao Jarlen

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Lurker McHuge- That would totes be awesome to have some witcher 3 battle music!! Heck yeah! What is it with battle music? It's just so damn fun to play and listen to when you're doing something energetic. My fave battle music has gotta be the trainer battle from the RBY pokemon games. <3


scarecrowlol- "Some tabs sit on my computer for months before i get around to posting them, and usually by then i've practiced them soo much that even if the tabs hard im happy with them, but fingerstyle beginners and others that have just started learning probably wont want to attempt them or be interested lol."

I totally feel you on this. I'm glad you still post them though, because us(slightly) more skilled than beginner guitarists need something a little more challenging to chew on sometimes. Thanks for the recommendation of oldwhtman on YT too! He's got some nice stuff for sure!

Your arrangements are really tight scarecrowlol, from what I've seen at least. I wish I knew all the music you've tabbed but the ones I do know are great. I love hal 2 and the mushi-shi stuff in specific.


MechaKrauser- Thank you so much for all the nice words you've given me. I've noticed your comments on a few of my posts and I really appreciate them. Also, you're the only person I know who's following me on soundcloud, lol, thanks! I wish I could reciprocate the kindness more but the only song that you've tabbed that I know is the one from SAO. Though, that arrangement is really, really good! Gosh, that would be super rad to have a halloween town tab too, I've always wanted to play some nightmare before christmas! That's really interesting to hear that you have so many versions of a song going to choose from. I feel so lazy now lol. Glad you like my sonic covers btw! More incoming for sure. I've never understood why no one else seems to love the sonic 3 OST as much as I do. When I first saw this site, I expected a ton of covers for it, but no such luck. Guess I'll have to keep making my own..


johnbie- Aw, what?! I love your arrangements the way they are! Oh well, as long as you post the easy versions separately so I can still mess with the old ones. I'm gonna practice the crap out of your meglovania and one true hero tabs and add some percussive hits and record them. I love those freakin' tabs! So flippin' cool dude! When I saw meglovania posted, I had just told a buddy the day before how much I loved that track. Then I saw it here and I was like, "No way can this do the song justice... aaaand it totally does, holy shit, this guy rocks." Also cool you're doing some world of goo music! That game is a blast!


Awesome to talk with you guys, as always. I really enjoy it when we actually get to interact haha. One thing I've learned is that there is a TON of anime I need to watch. Cheers everyone! Keep it up!

^ best post title


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Glad you like the Overfly tab :) That one almost bit the dust until I realized it worked out so perfectly in the DADGAD tuning with those open strings ringing out. After that I decided to keep a guitar in DADGAD lol

I'm aiming to have that Halloween Town tab done in time for Halloween lol. I made a thread last year around that time and asked about a "This is Halloween" tab and someone pointed me to a good cover. Later I realized that KH2 used the tune in-game and I decided to tab it out. There's one tab on here already but I want to make my own tab from scratch and hopefully have a good fingerstyle version out of it.

I'm actually a huge softie for any of the music from Sonic lol. My favorite games as a kid and some of the first VGM that actually grabbed my attention away from the game and made me think, "Hey that sounds pretty cool." But unfortunately I'm not good at tabbing things like that out. I mostly stick to ballad-type stuff. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more Sonic covers from you, Dao!

Also if anyone is interested in some jazz-type bgm, check out Gundam Thunderbolt:

The trailer features some of the music and I'm no jazz expert, but it sounds pretty intimidating...

I've arranged a grand total


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I've arranged a grand total of one tab because I'm lazy, but I love this site so much that I'll go too.

I'm going to write an arrangement of Rain from Cowboy Bebop pretty soon. I'm currently working on learning to compose my own stuff for when I go off to college next year, so that's consuming a lot of my musical energy, but doing tabs helps too. Maybe I'll actually upload one or two!

My favorite tab that I can play by heart is OggirtMoonfrad's "In The Houses" from Link's Awakening. It's pretty much exactly what the song is, but the way it's arpeggiated across the strings is just really fun and nice-sounding to play.

Another favorite of mine is auriplane's "Flowers" from Mother 3. This I think is one of those perfect arrangements where it captures the whole sound of the original, and is difficult but is tabbed out so that it's certainly possible with a little bit of effort. Special shoutout to using barres in measure 3 of Part B.

I really want to see more Pokemon Mystery Dungeon arrangements. It's one of my favorite series ever and has amazing music, I don't know how feasible some of the songs are for a guitar arrangement but I encourage anyone brave to take a look at it! Another good thing about it is due to the work of people like Bespinben there are plenty of piano transcriptions already out there, so you won't have to do all of the work yourself if you want to give it a try. Here's some of my favorites from the series:

Special shoutout to threelines3, a piano arranger of the series who has made some beautiful songs involving multiple tracks from the series including one 22-minute suite! He's awesome, check him out:

Re: what is thread may never die


John Lee

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Thanks for your complement on True Hero. True Hero was the song that I put the most amount of effort in, and has helped me be a better tab maker.

I'm simplifying the tabs not so that it's "easier" and lower in quality, but rather to optimize the positioning so that it feels better to play. Overall improving the performances and reducing the difficulty. Trust me, you'll like the new versions better.

Updates to the tabs are rolling in:

In case you prefer the old version and can't get it, Skype me at john.lee12321 and I may be able to send you the original. Can't guarantee it though. Google Drive only stores history for so long.

Most of the time I'm starting



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Most of the time I'm starting up a lot of tabs but I hardly ever get around to finish them. It's more to get some practice in, the one I've finished either fell into place by themselves or when I had unusually high motivation to get them done. Will probably update some of the tabs I have so far and then see if I can get around finishing more of them. Most of the time I get lost in detail rather than the structure of the song itself, becoming incredibly nitpicky when arranging/transcribing stuff.

Will probably work on "Forest Songs" from Titan Souls next, it's been pretty chill and seems simple enough.

My saved favourites fill around 4 pages by now, having a lot of fun with kkriegers Phendranas Edge arrangement lately but the strings on my western snapped so this is on pause for now

Re: Most of the time I'm starting


John Lee

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Do you still have the files for the unfinished tabs? I may be interested in working on those. If you would like to share them, leave it HERE.