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Stardew Valley - A Stillness in the Rain (Abigail's Melody)


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Pretty straightforward transcription from the game that's been draining my (and half a million others') productivity over the past couple of weeks.
That said, if I'm going to start making these again, I need a good tabbing tool. I had to get the trial version of GP5 because GP6 is completely incapable of outputting sane text files.

Edit: Fixed a small timing issue and recorded an mp3 of the guitar pro file instead of exporting a midi
Zip file with .txt .gpx and .mp3 inside
Original recording for good measure



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Check out tux guitar - im still running a slightly older version as afaik the newest isn't easily compatible with 64bit processors, but the text files come out just fine


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Ooh, I'm digging the MP3


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Ooh, I'm digging the MP3 export, sounds nice :-) It's a nice song and a nice tab.

Guitar Pro 6 is definitely incapable of outputting a nice text file. I think that with Guitar Pro 5, the text files are generally pretty nice, but you do have to watch out for first and second endings, which I think it forgets.

Tuxguitar makes serviceable text files, but if I recall correctly, it gets first and second endings wrong too, and it has a weird habit of showing tied notes as though they're not tied. I personally like the GP5 style export best, but that's not perfect either. Moral of the story? Always check your text export to see if it looks right, I guess . . .