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Overfly - Sword Art Online


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Overfly zip
^ zip contains txt, gp5, mid, pdf

Song/album info:
M-15 - TV Anime "Sword Art Online" 2nd Ending Theme
Vocal: Luna Haruna
Composer: Saku
Arranger: Saku
Lyricist: Saku

Official music video on youtube:

The second ending theme of the first season of Sword Art Online. Tabbed for guitar in DADGAD tuning, capo on 1.

I've made quite a few improvements since I last updated the WIP. I noticed some bass notes were a bit off while I was playing along with the track (mainly the ending bars of the choruses), so I've fixed those. I'm pretty satisfied with the tab at this point (finally), even though the solo is hard to play up to speed.

J-Pop yes please.


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J-Pop yes please.

It is the theme song for an


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It is the theme song for an anime about being trapped in a video game... What could be more appropriate as a tab for the site? lol

Oh, I love Overfly!


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Oh, I love Overfly! <3

By the way, thank you for using ties properly. It really helps with reading the rhythm properly, and lots of tabs on GT don't do it. And thanks for being so patient :-)



Re: Oh, I love Overfly!


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Thanks, I really like this song too! :)

It's funny you should mention the tied notes. My habit of using tied notes actually has more to do with my love of symmetry within the standard notation bar and my grudge against dotted notes haha.
You see I had a subscription to Guitar World magazine for a few years when I was just starting out learning guitar and I couldn't figure out how a lot of sections of the tabs (with heavy use of dotted notes) should sound like just by sight; I always had to manually type it into guitar pro to hear out how it was supposed to sound lol
I've somewhat gotten used to it but I still follow tied notes much better than dotted notes by sight alone. Plus those tied notes make excellent place-holders for when I decide to give and take notes from my tabs.