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Hotel Dusk Arrangment


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Hello, I'm kinda new here.

I need help with arranging/transcribing this track.
I don't know much about music theory
(Except E Major scale and few note names/degrees on the fretboard, I know that pretty good)

Anyway 5 years ago I played this game Hotel Dusk, and I just can't get this tune out of my head called Monochrome: LINK

Like I said, my scale knowledge is pretty poor, but this is what I managed to create so far:


Scale degrees.

I guess I could call it Eb Major Scale maybe ? I don't know, but I strongly believe that this track uses these exact notes I just worked out above.

The thing is I have absolutely no idea how am I supposed to use this information to create an arrangment/transcription Obviously I have to use these notes, but I really need some directions here, cuz I'm totally lost. So any advice would be very much appreciated :)

Usually it's a good idea to



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Usually it's a good idea to look through Kabuki's Arranging Tutorial but sadly the images seem to be deleted.

Ennea, this posting has the


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Ennea, this posting has the pictures, courtesy of auriplane

Alucard1996, what you wrote on that fretboard picture is an Eb major scale if you start playing on the Eb note. But you could use those same notes and start playing on the C instead to get a C minor scale, which is the key of that Monochrome song. C minor is the relative minor to Eb Major and they both have 3 flats in the key signature. It takes some practice to be able to figure out what the tonal center of a song is.

As for transcribing, you really don't need any theory knowledge, so don't get too caught up on that. I'm not sure if you wanted to do all the instruments or to try to combine the melody and bass to make a fingerstyle arrangement. It would be easiest to start with the melody and just try to replicate the notes. Here is the first part of the melody:


Try to follow it from there and ask if you have any questions


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Amazing stuff right there


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Amazing stuff right there guys ! I Really appreciate the responses,
I'll try my best to come up with something, tutorial is kinda hard at some
parts, but I will study it, at least for a month,
and will punch myself in the face, if
I manage to fail to make an arrangement of my this piece :D


I'm from Lithuania, but
now I live in Norway.

Finally got it :D its only


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Finally got it :D its only the basics, but I think mostly correct :)

I would post text version, but as soon as paste it, it only gets messed up :/

Anyway I'd really appreciate expert opinion on my tab :D

For example how can improve it and stuff :)



I'm from Lithuania, but
now I live in Norway.