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Hohoemi - Kimi no Todoke


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Hohoemi - Kimi no Todoke - Midi, gp5, .tg and .txt files

Song is Hohoemi (Smile) from Kimi no Todoke

Saw a request form July for the first ~ 1:20 of this song (requested by bayonnetah). Arrangement is fingerstyle and relatively simple for the first half, second half of the arrangement adds a walking bassline (i think that's the term?) so it may be a tiny bit more difficult

I'll probably get around to finishing this arrangement in a few weeks time, so keep an eye out for the finished piece if you enjoy this version :)

gp5 broken; mid works


Joined: Sep 04 2014

Guitar Pro gives me "Unknown file. Loading aborted" when attempting to open the gp5 file. It imported the midi file just fine though. Sounds good so far.

Unsure of problem


Joined: Nov 19 2014

NOt sure what might be causing that, i downloaded and it opened fine using tuxguitar. I'll reupload and include the native tuxguitar file in the .zip, if you want to try changing the file extension to .gp5 or leaving it as .tg and see if it opens that way because i've got no real clue why that's happening!


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