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Good wedding songs, anyone?


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Here comes the bride! Big, fat and-- Oh, hello... didn't see you there...

So I'm going to a wedding this weekend and was wondering if anyone knows any good wedding-appropriate songs to play on guitar (besides Pachabel's Canon). I wasn't asked to perform (thank god), but everyone who's gonna be there knows I play and is expecting me to bring a guitar along (I am). So I'm pretty sure we'll be passing around the guitar, after the ceremony's over and the atmosphere has settled down, and I'd like to have something nice to play.

So I was wondering about any good romantic-type ballads in acoustic/ fingerstyle arrangement hosted on the site. Maybe something like a heroine or lover's theme from a game. Most of the ballads I already know are made to make people weep tears of sorrow and regret, rather than tears of joy and hope (which is what I had in mind). Afterall, playing something like 'Dust in the Wind' would totally wreck the atmosphere. So does anyone have any suggestions?

Now, please excuse me. I have to go brush up on playing The Rains of Castamere...

Eric Clapton has some great



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Eric Clapton has some great ballads that have been arranged for fingerstyle. Wonderful Tonight, Layla, Etc.

Might be good to look at some 60's - 80's ballads too. Bryan Adams - Everything I do, Heaven. Kiss - Forever.
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing. Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. Joy Division - Love Will Tear us Apart. Getting more 90's but Seal - Kiss From a Rose. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris. Oasis - Wonderwall.

Loads of great ballads to choose from.



Wonderful Tonight


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The only Clapton I know is Tears in Heaven, but it's kind of a sad song. I'd completely forgotten about Wonderful Tonight so I'll see if I can find a good arrangement. That seems like it might be the type I'm looking for. I'll look into the others as well.

Never again...


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Well I had quite an adventure over the weekend. I ended up playing in front of a bunch of strangers at that wedding afterall. Bwah! I just knew that was gonna happen! Wedding took place at a park outside (and it rained), and they couldn't get a P.A. system or any kind of speakers for music for my cousin's bride to walk the isle to. So they asked me (on the spot) to play something nice on my guitar. I just freaking knew something like that was gonna happen! I guess it worked out okay though. I was nervous as heck about playing in front of all those strangers but I just couldn't let her walk down the isle to nothing but the sound of camera snaps, you know. I wasn't feeling exactly confident in my playing abilities so I decided to play something easy I've played a thousand times. The chorus/refrain-part, which I thought was perfect, from this song:

The fact that my cousin's bride walked down the isle to anime music is a secret I will take to my grave!

If anyone has a similar story feel free to share lol

A little late, but....


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I wish I was around to suggest some great songs, but I missed out on that, but on a side note, Eternal Flame from the Bangles. I know its not typical, but Its a great wedding song (had it played at mine) that you can have a lot of fun with. So, a story from my wedding... Everyone in my family is a trained musician, on my fathers side. My brother and I are "the black sheep" with me playing guitar and my brother drums, with no schooling, both self taught. I had my cousin make an arrangement of the prologue from FF4 (keyboard, trombone and alto sax), which is also played after Rosa and Cecil's wedding in the game. My family had no time to practice, one cousin just came back from a trip to China, I was freaking out. I almost called it off at the last minute, but one of my cousins calmed me down (bourbon helped too). So after the ceremony, one of my cousins played the first few bars of the typical after wedding song (forget the name) and then they went into the Prologue from FF4 and it was friggen epic! I was a little embarrassed that I had a "video game song" played the second after getting married, but only two people there (my friends) even knew what it was. Everyone complimented me on picking "that great song", but was clueless as to what it was. It was beyond awesome! I was so worried that they didn't practice, but they nailed it. I'll post a video of it if I have one. I also plan on having them record it when I can get everyone together at the same time (but I'll add guitar to it) and I'll post it if and when I can actually get it done. I was freaking out way too much to set anything up to record it at the time (other than some possible video from family). Plus I was going to pull the plug on it, but looking back on it, I'm so happy that they did it. It sounds dorky, but It was awesome walking back down the isle with that song playing. Probably my favorite FF song of all time (I'm still working on a pure guitar cover, for like the last two years)and it really added a special touch to my wedding. I really wanted to do something different for my wedding and was really happy that they were able to pull it off. It would have been nice if I was able to play guitar to it and have my brother drumming, but being as I was up there and he was my best man, it was not to be. I hope I can find video of it. My wife's one request was that for the "you may kiss the bride" part, was that when we kissed, I dipped her (sounds bad, eh?) So right after the dip/kiss... FF music hit right at that time. I guess its a "had to be there thing" but it was awesome!

Nice day for a... White wedding~~


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Wow that's a cool story, Maxhell :D Sounds similar to some of my family. They play bluegrass and country, while I played rock and metal, though I switched to exclusively fingerstyle now. I don't really get along with them, though lol

The FF4 Prologue sounds like it would fit at a wedding with the right cover. I bet it sounded pretty epic indeed.

I was browsing around for songs a while back and found Eyes on Me, the love theme from Final Fantasy 8, which would fit really well at a wedding. There's a good tab for it here, too:

I kinda wish I'd found it sooner so I could have played it at my cousin's wedding, but playing in front of all those strangers was nerve-wracking and I probably couldn't have pulled it off lol